More on Holistic Doctor Deaths (Focus Sessions)

More on Holistic Doctor Deaths

From Lynn with Focus Sessions
Posted: 12 Jun 2016 06:31 AM PDT

Q. Hello, Can you update your reading on holistic doctor deaths from the reading you did last year? Current count is at least 40 MD’s in the US alone Which started with the death of Dr. Jeffery Bradstreet on June 19th, 2015. In one week it will be a full year. The latest was a holistic dentist and MD from St. James, NY, Dr Alex Shvartsman who passed this weekend from suicide, but I don’t believe it. He was in his prime with a growing practice and a young family, soon to open a newer and bigger office.

This has become an epidemic! On average, during this past year, 1 holistic doctor has died every nine days! The cause of death always sounds fishy and many if not all of the doctors are too young and healthy to make death of any cause believable. In the beginning there seemed to be a connection with doctors who treated autistic kids and then with doctors researching nagalase and GCMAF. A few treated cancer patients. These conditions didn’t apply to this dentist’s practice.

Who is going after these doctors, dentists and sometimes researchers and for what reason? How can they protect themselves? How do we protect our access to these holistic professionals? We already have to wait forever to get an appointment. Few medical students decide to specialize in holistic medicine, so at this current rate of doctor deaths, it will negatively affect patient service levels.

A.  When I tune into this I do see a big problem with these murders and also feel a strange energy.  It is like these doctors are naive, innocent, well-intentioned, have no fear and are just trying to do good.  They are blazing their way and in no way in fear during their research process.   It also looks like prior to most or their deaths they are bribed or encouraged to be quiet.

Then I see a scene from Who Killed the Electric Car? and realize that much of this is the PTB/PTW trying to steal research to either bury it or extort money out of people for it.  I hear there is no money in cures, but there is tons to make off treatments and pharmaceuticals.

In looking at the dentist, I hear that alternative medicine is a slippery slope, and traditional medicines all have to stick together. If one specialty breaks through (like curing cavities) then people will seek homeopathy more and more.  Big pharma doesn’t want that happening.

We have to work together.  Don’t fall for the fear, but focus on the truth about this getting out.  Support homeopathy and share information.

Love and light to these doctors.