Flying Weirdness & Oklahoma Take Note! (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions

FS1Image #1:  Airship Flap of 1897
Hundreds of airship sightings were reported in 1897 — well before there even were airships. Where were these airships from and who was piloting them? And is the photo beneath the sketch (photo taken in Iowa in 1897 of “The Airship Waterloo”) one of the actual airships?

What Lynn Saw
“I get that the bottom pic IS one of the actual airships. I get that they have this old-fashioned feel to them. These ships still exist underground, in a secret UFO museum of sorts. I keep seeing the Dark Side of the moon. I see this flap open up like the moon is the Death Star, then I see these old-timey airships coming out. There was some kind of vortex over CA at that time, some earth vibration like a heartbeat and they wanted to investigate.” [So, were these sightings mostly of moon ETs? What did they look like? And why did they make the ships look like airships?] “They were mostly moon ETs. They look like ‘Aryan’ humanoids. They made them look like airships in order to blend in, using way-old technology, almost as if they were trying to mimic a boat or a sailing ship.” [Indeed, some “flying ships” were also seen in 1897, sails and all.]

FS2Image #2: Sprite Flap of 2016
This is a huge jet/sprite formation recently seen high over Oklahoma. Anything unusual going on here?

What Lynn Saw
“I get this unnerved feeling, like some big natural event is soon to happen to this area. It almost feels radioactive, but it feels natural.” [There were three small earthquakes on June 9th in Oklahoma. Could that be what you were feeling? Or is it something to come?] “I feel like it will be bigger. Something big is still looming.” [Is the thing you’re feeling a natural event, or something man-made? Maybe due to fracking? Do you see loss of life?] “It does feel like an event, one that’s natural, not man-made. I can see the earth crack. It looks like there’s this terrible drought before the earthquake. There’s a disruption of the natural cycle of things. There’s loss of vegetal life, but not human life. It feels major. Drought followed by an earthquake, maybe later this summer.” [How big we talking? Like the continent splitting?] “No, doesn’t feel that big, but it should make the news.”

FS3Image #3: That’s No Moon
I know it’s honeycombed with all kinds of ET bases, but is the moon… alive? Does it have a spirit like the earth does?

What Lynn Saw
“I feel the sun is alive, the earth is alive… but the moon feels like a satellite. It has a vibration, but I can’t see a life force tied to it. It’s an amplifier, a reflector. I don’t see it alive the same way I see the earth and the sun as alive. It’s a necessary satellite that’s here for balance, but it’s not its own thing.”

Image #4:  Spooky Flying Being
Here’s a rather spooky eyewitness account of a bizarre flying being (and a detailed drawing by the viewer) from his site:


September 17, 2013 at 12:20pm

“During the encounter, I was driving towards Ottawa, northbound on the 416 Memorial highway, it was about 12:20 in the afternoon on a clear sunny but very windy day. When I noticed at first what I thought was a huge seagull about 200 feet in the air ahead of me…within seconds I noticed the wings did not match the initial interpretation I had made and then saw outstretched arms, a head and torso with legs tucked together in a horizontal orientation. The wings, I could see now as I drove towards it at near 120 km/hr, were pure white and very large, its wings moved up and down rather slowly each doing a nearly 180 degree movement up and down. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, I estimate its full wing span at 25-30 feet as one of my thoughts during the sighting was that the wings appeared too big for its body and i wondered how such long wings would be stored when the creature was walking on the ground…FS4

“…it landed about 75 feet from my car. So, now that I was looking to my right i could see it coming down to tree top level, still in a horizontal body position, gliding a bit more than flapping its wings like when it was higher…the sun light up the white feathers and the wings appeared grey underneath due to the sun and their shadow…The part that still sends chills down my spine was the being’s human like characteristics yet not being like any human. He was The color of dark wet clay, face, lips arms legs and all.. He was also 12-15 feet tall judging by his height compared to the trees around him. His physical stature would make a 12 foot tall bodybuilder look like a scrawny pipsqueak…the mass and size of its muscles were beast like and very powerful looking.

“I remember it looking over and down towards us on the highway and the look terrified me.. It looked at us like we do unto ants, but with a certain disdain in its glance. The best look at his face was when he actually landed, at this point he dropped his body to a vertical orientation and out stretched his wings to land…curiously i could see that in the heavy winds he was having some trouble..his legs and arms seemed to be being used as counterbalance but the giant wings were catching a lot of wind making him not completely stable upon final decent as his limbs were awkwardly jockeying for a balance point as his wings acted like a massive sail.

“At this time i could clearly see the inner feathers blowing feverishly in the wind, down-like and soft, while the further to the outside of the wing I looked, the longer, stiffer and more defined the feathers became. So stiff longer feathers around the edges and down like feathers in the inner parts of the wing’s undersides..I’d thought in mythological cartoon like terms that they were supposed to magically ascend with light and singing etc, but not the case here, where it was clearly affected by and had to follow the laws of nature from what I saw. It had no facial hair, but wore some type of headdress grey in color and had like braided or dreaded looking (pigtails?) coming out from under its hat on either side of its neck, behind the ears going to the back of its shoulders. I could see around its neck that it wore some type of robe matching its skin in color and being thin enough that i could see its muscles right through it, when landing i could clearly see each of its legs so it was probably kilt like on the bottom half of the garment.

“He did not appear friendly or welcoming, the last seconds I could see him, was of his ominous glare towards my direction through my back window as I passed at moment of it’s touchdown..his nose and upper eye socket ridges cast a black shadow over portions of its clay colored warrior looking face…It looked like he was here for a definite reason and the fact that we on the road could see him did not seem to bother it at all, at this point I lost visual contact due to converging tree lines.” [src: Skygaze, Flying Humanoids]


So, what did the witness see?

What Lynn Saw

“Wow. I get the same vibe as I do from Bigfoot. This being came here from a different dimension, like there was a portal glitch. He’s a 5th dimensional, angelic humanoid, and he was just as curious of the cars and our world as we were of him. He could feel where the portal was and got back to his dimension with little problem. He’s spiritually higher than we are. He’s not dangerous. I get this feeling of awe. This is probably never going to happen again. Very rare.” [This is a weird question, but could it be possible that the guy who saw this being had some kind of spiritual relationship with the flying man? Or one he’ll have in future?] “When you say that, I get that YES. This guy was wrestling around with some alter-ego thoughts that were kinda dark, and some… I want to call it ‘attack-of-conscience’… opened the portal and brought this being here. The viewer was subconsciously thinking about some kind of other identity within.”

FS5Image #5: Flying Naked Black Lady of Vietnam

This from John Keel’s, Mothman Prophecies:

“Earl Morrison, the witness, was serving as a private, first class in the marine corps in Vietnam in the summer of 1969. He and two buddies were sitting on top of a bunker near Da Nang on a warm summer evening. His exact words:

“All of a sudden—I don’t know why—we all three looked out there in the sky and we saw this figure coming toward us. It had a kind of glow and we couldn’t make out what it was at first. It started coming toward us, real slowly. All of a sudden we saw what looked like wings, like a bat’s, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night—kind of a greenish cast to it.

“There was a glow on her and around her. Everything glowed. Looked like she glowed and threw off a radiance. We saw her arms toward the wings and they looked like regular molded arms, each with a hand, and, fingers and everything, but they had skin from the wings going over them. And when she flapped her wings, there was no noise at first. It looked like her arms didn’t have any bones in them, because they were limber just like a bat.

“She started going over us, and we still didn’t hear anything. She was right above us, and when she got over the top of our heads she was maybe six or seven feet up.

“We couldn’t do anything. We didn’t know what to do. We just froze. We just watched what was going over because we couldn’t believe our eyes. … So we watched her go straight over the top of us, and still she didn’t make any noise flapping her wings. She blotted out the moon once—that’s how close she was to us … As we watched her—she got about ten feet or so away from us—we started hearing her wings flap. And it sounded, you know, like regular wings flapping. And she just started flying off and we watched her for quite a while. The total time when we first saw her and could almost define her until we lost sight of her and were unable to define her was between three or four minutes.”


So… what did Earl see?

What Lynn Saw
“I want to use the term “dragon lady.” I feel like this is a very rare species. Very ominous. She had babies around there somewhere, and she wanted to protect them. She could’ve breathed fire if she wanted to. This species has since completely died out, due to some kind of chemical warfare there in Vietnam [Agent Orange]. The government totally destroyed the climate there. These beings were herbivores (and were thus no threat), and when they ate the poisoned vegetation, it killed them. This being wasn’t being malicious, she was just protecting her babies (three of them).” [Anyone else ready for Monsanto to become extinct?]

FS6Image #6: Putting That Flying Thing to Bed
And finally, what’s this thing, photographed over Italy in 2010? Cosmic vending machine?

What Lynn Saw
I get that it’s a guy who’s ejected out of a military aircraft of some sort, in some secret training maneuvers that were never reported, and someone just happened to get a pic of it.