There is Hope (Veronica)

From VERONICA, Translated by April Crawford
May 17, 2016

There is Hope
A message from Veronica

In the current environment of your world the chaos has elevated to a crisis level.  Many of the peaceful souls who are incarnate have found it difficult to navigate through it all.  A sense of detachment has been created to achieve much needed respite from the darkness.

We understand the need for tranquility.  Many of you are drifting aimlessly attempting to find that peace, but end up not feeling any better in the isolation.

Your path has been pre-planned full of healing and focus.  By drifting, that energy feels lost without purpose.  Thus an endless circle of finding your path begins.

It is important to realize that as a healing soul, your place is truly in the middle of chaos.  Without your clear vibration the rhythm of existence can become individually non-harmonic.

Consider that you came here to realign the static, to compose the melody of life from overwhelming to peaceful.

Consider that it just might be your purpose to do so.

Instead of drifting in peripherals, decide to plant yourself squarely in front of difficult energy and just say no.  No thank you.

Chaos feeds upon the fear of the masses.  The masses unknowingly allow the static vibration to continue most of the time.  Decide to be the individual fearless one who with great focus makes a bold move.

A bold move would include bringing your individual harmonic energy into situations of darkness.

Yes, you are but one individual.  It does not make you any less peaceful.  The whole dimension is based on individuals having an experience.  The concept of unification allowing each of you the ability to make a difference.

One at a time.
Chaos will diminish one at a time.
It is the way of the environment.
Your individual contribution of harmonics is valuable and powerful.
Instead of drifting, become focused.
Instead of feeling aimless, decide to hit the target.
Subdue the chaos.
It is what you came here to do.
It is not as out of control as it seems.
There is hope.
Be part of that hope.