Newbie Must See: Tuning In

I just discovered Tuning In and, in my opinion, it should be a “must see” for all newbies:
A feature-length documentary exploring, for the very first time and in a very down-to-earth fashion, the phenomenon of channeling. Popularized by the late Edgar Cayce, this ancient and mysterious practice appears to enable humans to “tune in” to higher frequencies of consciousness and deliver messages from intelligent sources existing outside space and time. The film focuses on 6 subjects across the United States.

Every morning with my coffee, I listen to the latest Kryon’s YouTube channel. It’s how I start my day in order to get a running start on yet another amazing day.

“The messages cross through space and time, and it appears the entities are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind.”

You’ll see interviews with:
My fav, Lee Carroll, Channel for Kryon
Leebio2014Also interviewed
Geoffrey Hoppe
, Channel for Tobias
Darryl Anka, Channel for Basharstatic1.squarespace.comWendy Kennedy, Channel for the Pleiadean Collective
headshot_wkShawn Randall, Channel for Torah
John Cali
, Channel for Chief Joseph

I watched it on Gaia TV, but there’s also a YouTube of the full feature. Masters and others beyond the veil are channeled, telling your soul exactly what’s going on.  VERY INFORMATIVE!!