Clues on Missing Persons Trisha Todd & William Tyrrell (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions

Missing People and a Murder
Posted: 05 May 2016 12:17 PM PDT

Q. Trisha Todd (Missing from Florida)
This past week, there is a woman in Hobe Sound, Florida who has come up missing. She was supposed to pick up her child Wednesday morning from her ex husband and failed to show up. Her car was parked in the driveway next to where she was staying with the keys still in the ignition. Her purse was there but phone and wallet are missing. There has been a huge community and official search going on but no trace of her. Can you tell us what you see happening to her?

A. As I tune into this, I see a flash of the show Murder, She Wrote pop up, and hear Angela Lansbury say “You always start with the spouse, or in this case the ex-spouse.”  She is telling me you can’t just do a lie detector, or fill out a questionnaire, you have to look in his eyes.  The ex wasn’t there, he didn’t see it or experience the events, but he knows more than he is saying.  I hear this was a “contract” abduction. I get that the ex hired a man to “solve his problem.”

I see an image of a rusty blue and white Ford pickup truck.  The style looks from the year 1988 “ish”.  I see a dark complected, Latino looking man driving it, and notice there is something in his mouth (cigarette??).  The dominate thing I notice is that he has rather large pores on his nose (almost like “ice pick” acne scars).  His appearance is sort of grungy, and hear that his “cover” is that he is a contractor / landscaper by day.

I looks like Ms. Todd went to the store that evening, and this guy followed her (as part of his plan) home.  She sensed that something wasn’t right when she was driving, but didn’t see this man.  He stayed far enough behind her (like he knew what he was doing).  She was a little distracted when she got home, parked a little obscure, and when she got out of her car this man grabbed her and quickly got duct tape around her mouth and hands.  He then put her in the truck and got out of there quickly.

I then see a picture of a bridge, and my impression is that he threw her over the bridge (didn’t actually see that motion, but felt an eerie as he approaches the bridge). And then the story fades out in my mind…

Some things to consider:

  • Don’t discount the ex just yet.  Pull financials to look for any sale of assets or withdraws.
  • Forensics should look outside the car.  The guy looks to move quick, and grabbed her from behind, so they won’t find struggle, but may find a hair sample, etc from him.
  • Look around nearby popular bridges for clues or witnesses.

Q. William Tyrrell (Missing from New South Wales)
This question I believe I saw no answer yet so I just wanted to add a few questions to the topic in case you choose it.  It’s about the missing toddler William Tyrrell. He’s known as little Spiderman because he was wearing a spider man type costume when he disappeared. I’m not sure why this particular missing child is affecting me more than any other.  Aside from the regular questions already asked like what happened, Who took him and why? Can you really focus on if he’s alive or not, as morbid as it may be even ask him if he believes he’s alive or not.

Also recently I saw something about the possibility of a biological set of grandparents having him but, the police say family’s been checked out.  Another theory is the many missing children are kidnapped and kept underground for experimentation & mind control.  Do you see anything resonating with that pertaining to him  What about a pedophile group or satanic group taking him? How did anyone know they could grab him at the moment?  Was it pre-meditated? Why are there so few clues in this particular case, who’s cars were those two cars by the house when he went missing. If He was taken did he recognize the person? If alive will he come home?

A.  As I focus on William, I see him playing in the yard like a normal, happy child. He is running, jumping, yelling, all kinds of things. Off in the distance I see this guy watching him.  The guy looks like he drove around neighborhoods, scoping children, and when he saw William, he paused and just sat there.  My impression is that he watched him for quite some time and sort of “fantasized” about taking him.  This man was most definitely a pedophile in a trance focused on William.

This man eventually got out of his car and sort of “snuck” up on the house. I get that he had a dog with him and used the dog as bait when the time was right.  The man waited until no adult was around, and came near William with the dog.  When William wanted to pet it, the man allowed it and sort of “guided” him back to the car through back and side yards.  There was no fight, William gladly followed.  Once they were near the car, the man opened the door, the dog went in and he hoisted William in.

I get that William still lives with this man, but he was given a different name.  I get flashes of the movie I Know My First Name is Steven.  There is a psychological thing going on where William doesn’t want to be with him, but yet has a dependency on him too.  William also has somewhat forgotten his real name as well, but remembers like you would remember a dream.  I get if he was to see some kind of tv show or mention of his story, he would have these memories come rushing back to him.

Q. Brittany Murphy
Awhile ago I suggested a reading on Brittany Murphy, the young actress who died in 2009 in her home of apparent pneumonia. Her husband Simon Monjack died 4 months later the same way. I was watching the new show Tyler Henry the Hollywood medium and he was giving a reading to Jamie Pressley when all of a sudden Brittany Murphy came through. My jaw fell to the ground. I just knew when she died she would be the type that would want to be heard. I was wondering if you would be able to do a reading on her. I am so grateful for you and all of your posts.

A. This first thing I get is that she was poisoned.  I hear that if an accurate toxicology text was done they would have found arsenic in her system.  Her boyfriend also died from small doses of arsenic administered slowly.  I get that the person that does their shopping was putting small, very small, amounts of it in their food supply.

I hear that she was sacrificed by the PTB due to remarks she made during the filming of one of her movies. (??)  She said the wrong thing to the wrong person, and she was under the microscope ever since.  I get that from time to time the PTB will take someone and make an example of them to further promote fear and obedience.

PTB = Powers That Be

Five for Friday #33 – Magical Mythbusters

Image #1: The Tablet of Thoth

This is the “Tablet of Thoth,” allegedly written on an emerald tablet. Is this real? Did the Egyptian deity (ET) Thoth really make it, or one like it? What does it say? And if it’s not the real tablet, where IS the real tablet?

What Lynn Saw
“I get that this is a copy of the original. The writing or the message was valuable, but they needed it in portable form. The original is inscribed on a wall in a cave, in the bottom of a pyramid. It took a long time to be able to copy this. It looks to have been copied by a devout team of people, people of purity, like monks, but long ago. Thoth (it was pronounced like, ‘Taught’) WAS an ET and he did make the original. What does it say? It’s like a contract. It’s basically saying, ‘I will teach you, I will educate you, so long as you’re willing to learn, but when you decide to quit reaching for higher knowledge, when you decide you know more than me, then I will stop.’ [Which pyramid, can you tell? When was the replica made? What language is that? And what is Thoth trying to teach?] I get an image of the three Egyptian pyramids in a row; it looks to be in one of those. The replica was made right after the original was made. Languagewise, it’s some kind of ET language. Nothing like we speak today. Thoth was teaching a language to unify the ETs with the humans.”

Image #2: Weird Meteorite of Vellore
This is a meteorite fragment found recently in Vellore, India. Is there any significance to it? Looks unusual.
What Lynn Saw
“If they were to test this fragment, they’d find that the properties are unlike anything found on earth because the gases present, when it was being formed, were unlike anything on earth. It’s not like anything that’s near us, like the moon or one of the other planets. It came from very far away. This is going to mystify scientists, this is so different. It seems like this belongs to the sun’s sister system. [Was its falling here just an accident?] Yeah, it was an accident. I can’t see anything special tied to it (unfortunately).”

Image #3: Antarctic Laser
Here’s what looks like a laser being beamed into space from near Macquarie Island station on Antarctica, recently. What goes on here? Is that going up or coming down?

What Lynn Saw
“Antarctica is a great location for communicating with ETs. The atmosphere there is very clear. When they want to communicate, they send these beams up, coded in binary. They’re communicating with ETs that can be found on or around the moon. I’m trying to see what they’re communicating about. Seems like a test, like ‘Are you getting this? Test test, is this working?’ The response has this pink color to the beam when it comes back. [Who’s communicating with the ETs? The cabal? The “Breakaway Civilization”? And are the beings on the moon good, bad, or neutral?] The Breakaway Civilization on Antartica is doing the communicating; they’re affiliated, but not run by the cabal. The moon has a combo of good, bad, and neutral.”

Image #4: Bond, Hitler Bond?
Ok, let’s get this over with: WAS Hitler a British agent?

What Lynn Saw
“Actually, no. He was connected and rooted with Germany; very German through and through.

[Ok. Is Angela Merkel really his daughter?] I really do see her as related, but she had to go into hiding so she wouldn’t be killed. She was raised by extended family. He did keep in contact after he fled Germany, but used some kind of code name.” [Krikey.]

Image #5: Merlin!
Was there really an ancient magician named Merlin? Who was he really? Was he human? What kind of “powers” or ancient wisdom did he possess?

What Lynn Saw
“I see him as a man. He was a master of herbs, a homeopathic genius of his time. People came to him with an illness and he could heal them. He understood reiki, he understood the universe. He wasn’t a magician. He was a healer. He could do wonderful things, but they labeled him a magician because he often used certain words or phrases while he made this and that medicine, which people took to be spells, but it was way beyond that. At that time, anyone who was as different as he was was viewed as magical. He was primarily a healer. Being in his presence was a big deal. He was a higher vibration and could seem terrifying to people of lower vibration. [Where did Merlin live? Ireland? Wales? Some part of the earth that’s not there anymore? What did he really look like? And can you see where he’s buried?] I hear something about Scotland/Wales. He looked sort of like what a wizard would look like (long beard, shorter, thin). He wasn’t buried. I see his body being burned at sea. [Was Merlin a contemporary of King Arthur, as the legend states?] Contemporary and eccentric.”
BONUS: When is a Flying Cow NOT a Flying Cow?
When it’s a fake… which I’m guessing this cow-abduction photo is. Or is it? Poor fake photoshopped cow.What Lynn Saw
Yeah, this is fake… BUT, it’s allowing me to see what a real abduction looks like. A real abduction would look like a thin beam of light connecting to the cow, nothing extraordinary, really. The cow would then have a slight glow about it, and then the cow would basically disappear, teleported kinda like on Star Trek; the beam of light sucks it up like a straw, then rematerializes it onboard. It’s more of a quick disappearance.” [Beam me up, Bessie.]Aaaand that’s how the ancient emerald laser burger dematerializes.Join us Friday after next for more elucidation in episode #34.And that is all I have for these readings.  Thank you.  Love and light-