How to Use Tolerance Effectively for Personal & Collective Wellbeing (Evita Ochel)


EBTV’s Conscious Connection episode with Evita Ochel about tolerance and how to use it effectively in our personal lives and to shape positive collective outcomes.
Evita’s stress and anxiety relief video course:

Video topics discussed include:

– Summary of truth and thriving themes for the year (20:14)
– Review of the theme of tolerance (1:46)
– Tolerance defined as “putting up with” (3:37)
– The connection of tolerating, allowing and accepting (4:04)
– The importance of acceptance, what it means and how to apply it (5:00)
– Problems: current tolerance challenges in the world (8:09)
– Self-generated suffering (10:00)
– Solutions: how to be an effective human being (12:09)
– Summary: how to use tolerance effectively (15:30)
– Final message of personal responsibility (17:45)

Published Nov 26, 2016