Special Message From Archangel Michael: These Changes Are Immensely Powerful


Published on Nov 24, 2016

“The latest update triggered many lightworkers as it challenged many Belief Systems. Dear Ones, there are no belief systems in Heaven. Due to some recent misunderstandings from our latest posts, we would like to clarify. The lastest update provided information on the upcoming energies and the status on some of the lightworkers on the path. Tools were provided for assistance. These tools have existed for eons. It is the cultural, social, religious, educational and environmental conditioning that have made these tools put in a negative perspective. Mostly due to miss/dis information and pure ignorance. We highly recommend doing some research on many of indigenous people’s practices throughout the ages. They have held Truth and knew of these moments to come… The Ascension of Our Mother Gaia.

Natural tobacco and grass fed beef, if available, are only tools. The same goes for Marijuana. It is a tool to elevate you to higher consciousness. That is why it was placed on the planet, to assist in the Ascension. The same goes for Mushrooms. Many have had life changing experiences after having marijuana and/or mushrooms, which assisted in raising consciousness, becoming more aware and awaken. However, many within the lightworker community still think of it as a narcartic or harmful substance. What is best is to listen to your own body’s requirements, Not the Mind. Just as you seek to balance your lives in this journey, so too does your body. Eating and drinking has changed for many of you. This is part of the Ascension Process. However, your body will guide you in balancing what and how much to consume. In excess and indulgence is the mind. The heart and the body are Divine Intelligence and function in a balanced and harmonious state when allowed. It is the mind that creates the imbalance. Everyone is different. However, we only offer what we know has worked for us in this process. Those who are out there Judging, Complaining, spreading Gossip and more about this recent love share are not real lightworkers. Plain and simple… it is Ego. In Truth, they are continuing the old paradigm and taking those around them into lower conscious thoughts and behaviors. We Honor everyone’s choice. However, to continue lower states of consciousness and boost that “you are of the light and on the path”, is fantasy and delusion. Only the Heart is Genuine, True and Love.

Thinking you knew better based little to no experience, wisdom or knowledge will get you no where on this journey. Ignorance will not move you forward in the Path of Ascension. This journey is about Feeling, not Thinking. This is why we emphasize, Being in the Heart. The heart will never lead you astray. It is through the heart that you connect with the soul and to Unity Consciousness, The Unified Heart. Within this state of Being, there are no debates, conflict, self importance or any lower consciousness thoughts and behaviors. You, We are of service for the whole and Feel into “Right Action” = “Love Action”. Those who listen and act from the Heart, always, are real lightworkers. They “Feel”, therefore know the Truth.

There are Tools to ground in other ways, such as the earth ground and trees as well. We always share what we use and encourage you to use all your tools to assist. Whatever brings you JOY, is always right action. However, new and potent energies are coming in for integration and following the same regiment may not be wise as your bodies are changing drastically. Your bodies are going from carbon based to crystalline. These changes are immensely powerful and those still trying to hold on to the mind, will be painful and daunting. Follow your Heart, Be the Change, Be LOVE.

I AM Archangel Michael, always of Service to Love, to Humanity, to All Creation, to Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste.

Your Eternally Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael”