Spiritual Cause of Cancer in Adults (Sarah Petruno)

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you know that emotional pain can cause true physical pain.

If you’ve ever lost someone, experienced a life trauma, or have even ever felt jittery from pre-exam nerves – you have felt the physical hurt, heartache, and side effects from an emotional event.

While these single events in our lives may seem to pass and feel transitory, they may not be.

Sometimes, the emotional pain that we’ve felt from a single traumatic event, or a series of events, sinks deeper into our physical experience.

We may no longer physically feel the heartache, experience the jitters, or suffer a nervous stomach ache, but, this does not mean the pain and physical impact it left on us has been released.

In fact, in most cases, as humans we are trained to push things under the rug. To not express and fully release our emotions, and rather, to be strong and toughen up.

We are socially and culturally trained that feeling and releasing emotion is a sign of weakness.

Instead, we are encouraged to push it back and stifle it.

Our emotions, thoughts, and feelings related to life-changing events large and small have the ability to change us physically.

In the moment, we can usually feel the stress from a headache, the butterflies, or the chest pain.

After the grieving or emotional event fades, so too, often does the related physical symptoms you once felt.

But they do not disappear, they simply go deeper with our emotions.

They stew and dwell together, both emotional pain and physical symptom.

Often, for many years they sit below the surface, seemingly forgotten and dormant, while we go about our lives.

In the spiritual sciences, emotional pain and trauma are known to exist as energy. Just as all things that exist have energy, including our physical functions based in reactions, molecules, and atoms at the cellular level.

Painful, emotional trauma, heartache, and even a lifetime of self-criticism consists of a type of energy that can be harmful if it persists.

It’s called low energy. Low vibration. Slow moving, dense particles.

Low energy acts like a lead weight. As more and more of it grows, the bigger, heavier, and more compact it becomes.

Sound familiar?

Low energy emotions left unhealed, unreleased, and unprocessed are one cause of adult-onset cancer.

They sit below the surface, deep within the emotional body and they brew. For years. Building and building. The longer they go unreleased, or the deeper the trauma, the bigger the damage.

Because the physical body is made of energy, too, just like these emotions, all it takes is one physical cell to become impacted, altered, and changed by the energy of an emotion.

It’s not hard to do.

Imagine your emotional self and your physical self as two interrelated parts of yourself. This is your spiritual body and your physical body. Typically, your spiritual body resides within your physical body – almost overlapping.

Low energy, often called negative, emotions that are harbored deep within your emotional body continue to grow and build over time. Their impact becomes heavier, denser, and for all intents and purposes, stronger. Sooner or later, the energy they hold will begin to overpower physical functions.

Your physical body is made of energy and so is your emotional body. In fact, both systems use the SAME energy.

If your body is continually undergoing a cell regeneration process, which it is, it needs energy to carry out cellular mitosis.

When you carry this dense, low energy from emotional pain – physical systems draw on this energy to carry out cell processes.

This energy is not the ideal type of energy from which to create new cells.

It’s not the ideal type of energy for us to exist in emotionally, either. The ideal emotional energy does not contain unhealed pain, but rather, peace, happiness, content, and compassion.

All it takes is one cell cycle using energy generated by the emotional pain cloud that exists deep within you.

A non-ideal cell is created. Then more of these cells are born from the first cell, and so on.

And it all started with a painful, emotional event or series of events, that we pushed away and did not fully heal.

Adult onset cancer can be spiritually caused by emotional scars that we have not healed.

This emotional pain, which stews for years below the surface, is made of low energy that our physical body can and does use for its own processes.

When your physical body uses this non-ideal energy to function, non-ideal cells can be created, leading to cancer.

In the next post of this series, I’ll outline the most common types of events or scenarios which lead to the type of emotional pain that causes cancer.

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LAST UPDATED: May 20, 2015

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