End of Oct 2016 Energy Update (Katya Turner, Indigo Diaries)

Excellent info to listen to at any time, not just end of October. Really solid intel.

ENERGY UPDATE – October 2016

In this video I discuss the current themes that are happening out there in the collective as well as the energy forecast for the rest of the month. Here is what I touch on:
– Mind Mastery ( + Channeled advice on how to achieve it)
– Relationship
– Funeral Of The Old Self
– Big Bold Ideas Coming Online
– Ancient Wisdom and Alchemy
– Divine Self Emerging
and the theme of the rest of October:
– Breaking Through (easier than we expected and in unexpected ways)

I hope it is helpful to you in your journey. If it is, like, share, subscribe to my channel and comment below what you think.

Love, Katya Turner

Published Oct 17, 2016

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