How to Ask the Universe (and your Spirit Guides) for Help (Sarah Petruno)

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

When my daughter was about one and a half, my husband and I were living in a one bedroom apartment.

He was staying at home with her, and I was working at the nearby university as a psychology instructor.

One morning, as we started our day bleary-eyed with our cranky, sick toddler, we received news that our car, the one that we had taken in for repairs the day before, needed major work done.

Fixing it would cost more than the car was worth, into the couple thousand dollar range.

Already not fond of the car, we decided that it was better just to get rid of it and purchase a used car that would be more reliable.

Fortunately, for the first time in our adult lives, we had the money to make this choice – to pay for repairs in full or buy a used vehicle in cash.


My husband found the car he wanted to buy and withdrew the money from the bank before he headed out to buy the car from a complete stranger.

Which, given our state of affairs in the US, is a little scary. Sending my husband off with thousands of dollars to meet a stranger to exchange money for a car.

I turned down my panic button, then calmly suggested that if he felt like he was in danger or it was not the right fit, all he had to do was ask his Spirit Guides for help and guidance.

I told him to ask the Universe for help if he needed it, knowing he would be protected and guided on whether or not to buy the car.

And he was, he came back with alive, unharmed, and with a car. No scary situations in sight.

When you ask the Universe for help, you’re asking your personalized spiritual support team to assist you.

By this, I mean your Spirit Guides, your Angels, your Deceased Loved Ones, and Your Ancestors, who are all on the other side.

Besides offering their support and guidance in potentially dangerous situations, your spiritual team can help you in countless ways. All you have to do is ask

Here’s a short list of things you can ask the Universe (your spiritual team) to help you with:

  • getting the money you need to pay for an unexpected expense
  • finding and landing a job
  • finding a romantic partner
  • putting you in the path of books and classes to help you grow
  • saving you a parking spot close to your location
  • providing protection
  • providing guidance and signs to point you in the right direction

In my example, I was asking for protection and guidance to on whether or not to buy the car.

Now that I live in a city, I’m can be frequently found asking for parking spots. (Thanks!)

You can ask for these things and more – nothing is off limits.

When you put in your request for help, your spiritual team with do their best to help you. But there’s just one thing to remember, sometimes what you think you need help getting is different than what the Universe and your soul path have in mind for you.

So, try not to see any failures of help as failures, and rather, re-directions and re-centerings to your path.

Ready to ask? Here’s how.

Need help with a task? Something really big that you have your hopes set on or even something smaller, like money for a haircut? Learn how to ask the Universe to help you get what you want. 

How to Ask the Universe for help

Method 1. Ask Aloud or in Your Mind.

When you are asking the Universe for help, you are in actuality asking a very specific group of individuals. You aren’t calling out to just anyone at all for help, your call is directly heard and answered by your spiritual support team. Your Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones that are on the Other Side, helping you out, and making things happen for you, on a daily basis.

When I refer to the Universe – this is who I mean. In my house, we say, “ask the Spirits.”

Asking aloud or in your mind is as simple as it sounds:

Just say or think your request.

THAT’S ALL. One spoken phrase or thought, directly addressed to the Universe, to those who need to help you.

“Universe, I’d really like a parking spot.”

“Spirits, I need your help in determining if this person is trustworthy.”

Whatever it is – all you have to do is say or think it. The ONLY requirement is that it has to be directed specifically at your Spirits, at the group of individuals you wish to carry out the request.

If you’re comfortable speaking aloud, then do that. If you’d rather speak in private, then think your request instead.

This method is best used for on-the-spot request and spur of the moment needs and decisions. For requests that require more planning and thought, happening at some point in the future that isn’t today, move on to Method 2.

Method 2. Make a To-Do List.

This method is great for times that you need something that requires a little extra planning.

In the To-Do List method, what you’ll do is make 2 lists on one sheet of paper. On half the page, you’ll write your own To-Do List, and on the other half, you’ll write a To-Do List for Spirit.

The reason for two lists is simple. First, let’s think of your life as a group effort. Some of the tasks are completed by you wholeheartedly, and some things, you might say, have been divinely aligned. Planned and carried out by those in Spirit – as gifts to you. Your life and your actions, are all you, but we all can remember at least one time in our lives that something extraordinary happened. Maybe it was an amazing coincidence, and maybe it was a crossing of paths. Something arranged by not-you that occurred in your life that was extra special. This is an example of a work of Spirit or the Universe.

You can specifically ask for these things to happen by working with the other members of your group to co-create your life – your spiritual support team.

In a small way, you can do this by writing a list of things you will do and things you’d like your spirit team to handle.

When you do this, you’re intentionally setting up a system of co-creation. You create some, your Spirits create some.

To make your lists, you’ll have to decide the tasks that you are best situated to complete and the tasks your Spirits are best situated to complete.

Tasks best for you are generally more earthly, physical world ones. Paying bills, doing 2 loads of laundry, going grocery shopping, writing emails.

Tasks for Spirit are ones that involve getting other people do to things for you, aligning abundance opportunities, and big projects – such as moves, job changes, relationship issues, business agreements, etc.

Spirits are best aligned to help you with things that require many steps and careful planning, lots of futzing around and sweet talking other individuals. Things that would take you a lot of work and many days, if not months, of careful planning. These are the big tasks that go on Spirit’s list.

Pull out your paper and start your lists:

To-Do List: Me

To-Do List: Spirit

Your List – Dishes, groceries, laundry, book reading, nail painting (on my list!), anything else you want to do

Spirit – Job changes, features of your desired new home, money for a haircut, relationships to come into your life, etc.

All you have to do to get help from your Spirits is ask. No meditations, no complex rule or agreement schemes.

Give it a try!

LAST UPDATED: February 10, 2016

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