*CATASTROPHIC EVENT* Predicted for Aug 2016

8/23/16 Update:


“Courtney Brown’s remote viewers are focused on a target event happening somewhere in August, possibly in a big city in the U.S. Of course you don’t have an exact day or place.  But the hints are there and are rather glaring and the 3 viewers seem to have agreed on the same incident.

Admin: Does anyone pick up that it could be the Presidio area of San Francisco (video 3 feels military base), or perhaps the Transamerica Pyramid? Could the “Dome” mentioned in the 2nd video be the nearby Palace of Fine Arts?

Or perhaps the San Diego area, since there are so many military bases there, including Camp Pendleton: http://www.military.com/base-guide/san-diego-military-bases

Could this be the dome? San Diego Central Library Dome

The “brown skin” comments from video 3 don’t really fit if it’s San Diego, but it would with all the cultures and foreign accents in San Francisco.

Published July 31, 2016

This video is part of the Time-Cross Project being conducted at The Farsight Institute. Here, remote viewers perceive a month in advance the political turmoil in the streets during the month of August 2016. For the first time in our monthly series of Time-Cross experiments, all of the viewers have remarkably similar sessions describing what appears to be a singular incident or event for August. As you watch these sessions, it is important to remember that the viewers worked independently, separated by vast distances (Hawaii, Great Britain, and North Carolina), and none of the viewers shared or compared their sessions in any way while doing their work. These are the unedited remote-viewing sessions done by Dick Allgire, Daz Smith, and PrinCess Jeanee, all done in July 2016 and published on YouTube on July 31st, describing the major news event of August 2016.

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Courtney Brown: Remote Viewers See August Event – UPDATED