Medical Intel: SIDS, Hashimoto, Burning Mouth, Baldness, Bunions, Skin Tags (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions
August 4, 2016

Medical and Other Info

Q. Hi Lynn! I was just recently shown this spiritual article about hair:
It resonated with me, but I wondered how detrimental cutting and dying your hair is in today’s society. I know light workers tend to dye their hair lighter and blonder (I know I do!) so I’m concerned about this energetically.
What you do is amazing and inspiring, thank you for your Great Work!!

A. When I tune into this I see hair as looking like an extension of the self.  I see this image of hair being like tentacles.  Almost like feelers or an antenna.  There are very gifted and spiritual people that cut their hair, but allowing yourself to be free and natural could give you that edge that you have been looking for with regards to amplifying one of your “clairs“.Q. Hi I know this is not a pressing matter like other more important worldly things that are going on, but I thought it was worth a try to ask you.  If you have the time would you please do a reading on genetic hair loss and baldness in both men and women?

I’m asking because male and female baldness runs in my family and I’ve been losing my hair since I was four. Now that I’ve reached menopause, I fear there will be hardly any hair left eventually. My scull always feels very painful, like acid is being thrown on it or something? I’ve tried almost everything there is, the result being that hair loss has stopped briefly but there is no new growth. I know it’s only outside appearance, but it’s very frustrating especially for a woman to be unable to cover your skull and people are looking at you…..

A. I see this as a surge of hormones that are out of balance.  When we are younger we have a lot of hormones surging though us (for example, look at how much our bodies change from the age of 10 to 25).  Those intense hormones make us go through that radical development (and also cause us to age).  When we are older, in order to slow the aging process , the goal is to slow the hormone fluctuation and allow things to normalize out.  *IF* you are taking hormone replacements or artificial hormones you may consider evaluating this as they look to age your cells and slow cellular repair.

Really evaluating life and your environment are also big things at play.  I see stress as the main thing that has a hormone response, as well as poor diet, illness, etc.  I would also recommend meditating to purge stress and see how that can help your symptoms. (YouTube is a wonder and free resource.)

Q.  What is happening in the majority of cases of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome?  Is it actually suffocation either accidental or intentionally caused by another?  Is there such a thing as a healthy infant just forgetting to breathe & passing? Do all the cases have an actual cause & why is it so hard to find the causes? Why is it that almost all the cases are after 6 weeks of age peaking around the 3-4 month old mark? What is it with that time period.

A. SIDS is a very real thing, and it does appear to have a spiritual basis for either the baby, family or even parents.  It looks like there are different reasons (karma, life path, life lesson, even from being in the wrong sync of time) that can cause this to happen. It does look to be peaceful, and as I see it happen, it appears that a spirit comes to the baby (almost angelic) and helps to guide the soul out of the physical body.

I also get that most times the soul will come  back to the family in some form.  Could be another baby, cousin, niece, nephew or even a spiritual guide.  It hear is it actually rare that they don’t come back in some type of influential form.

Q. Hi Lynn, can you do a reading on Hashimoto Thyroiditis? What causes the diseases and what are the natural cure in terms of diet, lifestyle, treatment etc. Are there any particular food to avoid to minimize aggravating the disease? Thanks in advance.

Hello Lynn, Can you do a reading on rheumatoid arthritis and how to cure it? My wife has it and her doctors say it’s an autoimmune disorder. But I found a book written by a doctor who says it’s a bacterial infection in the joints.

A.  Both of the above questions are related.  As I read these questions I flashed to an image of a book I read, called Medical Medium (which I highly recommend).  I see myself flip through the book (almost like a photographic memory) and land on a section talking about viruses and body responses to neurotics.  In the question relating to Hashimoto’s, the thyroid is going overtime tryng to regulate hormones, toxins and an imbalance in the body (most likely resulting from a serious illness that could be recent or decades ago leaving an Epstein Barr Virus lingering in the body).

In the situation with rheumatoid arthritis, it is the same neurotics as I mentioned above, only when they are released in the body they settle in the joints.  In both cases a diet of fruits and veggies (at least until symptoms improve) look to help, and then use a “clean” diet with lots of water (ideally infused with lemon) to maintain.  (I do recommend reading Medical Medium for diet plans, suggestions and an even better explanation of these illnesses as I am not a doctor),

Q. Hello Lynn! Is there anyway to correct bunions without having surgery? If so what natural techniques can be utilized for correction?  Many thanks for your time 🙂

A.  This looks to be a condition that is more aggressive when there is a lot of acid in the body.  Focusing on more alkaline foods and drinking lots of water (ideally with a little lemon) helps a lot.  in addition to that, using oregano essential oil diluted in coconut oil on the affected area seems to help the actual bunion.  I also hear to make sure you have an adequate amount of Vitamin D in your diet (looks like vitamin deficiency contributes to the problem).

Q. Thanks Lynn for everything you do!  Remember years ago when it was popular to have a copper bracelet on your wrist?  Well, this guy says a larger copper wire around your waist will help much better.  Anything to this?

A. Copper in general looks beneficial to the healing process.   I see it stimulating electrical impulses that trigger an anti-inflammatory response (which allows for healing and health),  I cannot see that a waist belt of this is more beneficial than an bracelet (in fact I get the most effective method is to either place the copper in the affected area, or wear it on your left wrist due to how blood flows and also the way the meridians line up).

Q. Hi Lynn,  What is the cause of skin tags and how can we get rid of it naturally? Many thanks for all that you do!

A. I get they they are the result of a common virus that is classified as a nuisance virus.  It doesn’t cause harm, but it just annoying to the person experiencing it.  I see a natural way to rid yourself of this (and again, I’m not a doctor so do what is right for you) is to take a veggie capsule, fill it with one drop Frankincense essential oil, one drop Oregano oil and one drop Basil oil.  Take one filled capsule twice a day for about two to three weeks, and they will look to have dried up and fallen off.

Q. Hi Lynn,  There are a lot of people, mostly women, who suffer from Burning Mouth Syndrome. Until now there is still no evidence what causes this condition. Things doctors think might contribute to BMS are nerve damage (neuropathy), lack of certain vitamins/minerals, hormonal imbalance, etc. but no one knows for sure. I just visited a forum yesterday hoping for new information about curing it, but it made me sad to read all the stories of the people having it. Feels like it is never going to end. (I have it for 9 years now). I kept thinking that there must be someone who is psychic/intuitive and perhaps can give an indication of where the cause lies with this syndrome and now I just find your blog, so I am hoping you can do a reading on it and maybe I can post your information in the forums. Thank you!

A. This looks to be caused by sensory nerve damage where the nerve receptors cannot process the proper signal.  The nerves are inflamed (some days look worse than others) and the result is burning (itching?) or odd sensations in the mouth.  I get that diet is crucial for people experiencing these symptoms.  I hear that “false sugar” is a huge factor (any form of sweetener) is a trigger.  I also hear that chemicals (like in processed foods) can aggravate the symptoms.

Drinking lots of water, doing an occasional mouth rinse of lemon water and/or baking soda can help with symptoms.  Eating clean and incorporating alkaline foods looks to be the most effective way to manage this and heal.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-