Galactic update: New Earth representatives (Polona Aurea Dawn)

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

There is a powerful message Now that the rebirth which many beings are experiencing at this time is something completely new and unknown, something which was not yet written in the history of Earth and the humankind. But this also means that from Now on, many of us are drama free, and we get to make our New history! We are becoming the free sovereigns, the living examples of what many Masters have been prophesying beforehand. It was already said: “Others will follow me and my example,” which clearly denotes that in the times that we live Now and what is yet to come, a New Human kind will come, beginning with the evolved Ancient Ones who have always been guarding the gates of Human kind, making sure that everything goes according to the Divine Plan of Perfection! Humans often still believe in imperfection and so mistrust is born from it, and yet everything that is Divine is already perfect in its Grand design. We are here to follow that lead, but not by becoming followers, but rather leaders of our own Reality! To lead is to live a sovereign Life, not imposing our free will choices upon others, but simply walking our talk in humble Self mastery and Magic.

So, do not look up to others and their Magic, for You cannot live through someone else and most certainly You cannot live their Magic. That is meant only for them, as your only task is to create your own, by remembering who You are and bringing that as a conscious Soul embodiment into your reality! And You get to have fun and play as You do so! Life was meant to be not only serious, but playful, fun and creative! If You are waiting for that to somehow happen to You, You are not yet walking in the higher ascended reality, so instead of looking to others for answers and clarity, find that creative spark that lives inside of You, for each one of the Godhead was already created as a perfectly sovereign and whole unto themselves! Break free from overthinking and analyzing, waiting and putting off your own Divine responsibilities! Even Masters, Angels or ET’s cannot do this for You, no one can! Each sovereign only passes on the torch of sovereignty!

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Within Divine Love,
Polona Aurea Dawn

Published Aug 4, 2016