Meditation: Emotional Independence – Stop Being Needy, Become Self-Reliant (Subliminal Binaural Beats)

Some of the subliminal affirmations of this session:
I release the need for others approval
I let go of the neediness for other people
I am valuable, worthy and deserving individual
It is OK to be alone sometimes, this is my quality time to charge my energy
I perfectly combine my independence with my love to be with others
I choose to bring good hearted people into my life
I choose to let in people into my life out of a healthy place of love
I joyfully letting go of desperate for other’s attention
I pass my time comfortably and peacefully
I find my center; I am connected to my higher self

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Emotional Independence – don’t be scared to be alone. The subliminal messages will provide affirmations that will help you establish a state of mind of an emotionally independent person.

The messages will replace your paradigms of neediness with a sense of freedom, actualization and confidence and security.

The binaural beats carry healing frequencies that are associated with creating long lasting changes and building harmonic connections with others.

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Theta waves 5.14 hz
360 hz – emotional balance, earth, sense of joy
207.36 – emotional renewal

Published Aug 19, 2015

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