Meditation: Manifesting Dreams – Easy/Guided (Boho Beautiful)


This quick and easy guided meditation is created to help you manifest all of your dreams and desires. Our thoughts and words are very powerful and the moment we truly understand their power we will become more powerful designers of our own lives. In this guided meditation we are going to train our minds to bring more positivity and love to ourselves and the life that we live.

Use this meditation anytime you feel lost, stressed or unsure of which direction to move your life in, or if you need to refocus and recharge your motivation- to give yourself clarity in your journey and to redefine your goals. Always remember to follow your heart. Our mind and ego love to over analyze everything and to convince us of the “safe path”, the decisions that will make everyone happy instead of yourself.

Through this meditation practice we train to pause the voice of the ego and hear the deeper voice within your soul. Your calling, your dreams, and your life goals.

Live the life you love. Anything is possible. The decision starts with you.

Oh and also!! This video introduces our little rottie gentlemen – Prince!


Days 1-7:


When you start your meditation practice its easy to not know what to expect or even to expect something from it like you might get from anything else you “do” in life. But meditation is not a “doing”, it is a “being”. It is a learning to find stillness and peace within the idea that the moment you are in, the moment you are experiencing right at that moment is enough.

The trick is that our minds are not used to this way of thinking. Our modern day lives & culture tend to clutter our conscious thoughts with projections and stress towards the future and the past. Meditation helps us learn to let go. Meditation to me, and what I would like to share with you, is about bathing in the now. And finding peace with exactly who you are, where you are, and that all other chatter in your head can and eventually will be cleansed by the regular practice and training of momentary awareness.

When you start your mind is not used to this. It will fight back and flare up with thoughts and wander and tell you its bored and you should stop. These are all normal experiences. Always. The trick is to breath it in when it happens, see it happening, and exhale it out only to reset your focus again. Its not a failure. Its just what happened. And in time will happen less and less as your focus and mind becomes more and more accustomed to quiet, peace, and stillness.
More than anything in life, there is no result when you meditate. It is just acceptance. And you.

There are so many great benefits to meditation once you truly learn to love the process and practice it daily. Through mediation you will slowly begin to achieve more patience in your every day life, how to appreciate the simple things, and how to find the space in your mind to spread more love and kindness into the world around you.

Find a comfortable seated position, put some headphones on, relax, and allow yourself to let go and surrender into the now.

Namaste. XO


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