New LOA Book 8/30/16: Abundance For All (Caroline Oceana Ryan)

Channeled from the Collective, the new Fifth Dimensional Life series begins with Abundance For All.

The Collective are a group of Galactic and Angelic Beings who include the Ascended Masters, legions of Angels and Archangels, the elementals of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether, and other Guides and Light Beings.

They are here to support us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional living.

Their latest book is practical and empowering, full of higher energies and the insights of the higher realms.

With complete understanding of human life and its daily challenges, each chapter offers much-needed higher insights, wisdom, and practical direction on issues such as:

  • Dealing with the Energies of the Current Money System
  • Changing Your Abundance Blueprint
  • Releasing “Struggle and Hard Work” Programming
  • Manifesting from a Fifth Dimensional Level
  • Dealing with the Poverty Mindset of Loved Ones
  • Understanding the Timing of Manifestations
  • Keeping Money in Perspective—and What True Wealth and Abundance Look Like

Join the Collective on this enlightening journey into fifth dimensional living.

It’s time to experience true wealth, as we transform financial life on this planet.

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