Ascension & Mastering Our Earthly Experience (Polona Aurea Dawn)

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

A new season is beginning for us, which does not only apply to entering a new energetic month and transitioning into a new season of the year. The transition we are experiencing is something much greater and vaster. The transition of becoming New Humans will always have its ups and downs, depending on what we are currently surrendering and what of the New we are integrating. This is not karmic, it is evolutionary! The great emptying created a vast void, which will Now become an offering for a New Creation pathway, and yet this is something that cannot be rushed. It is not something that our mind can control, and it is certainly not something that we try to make happen. It is born of Love, for only Love is the primordial force of Creation, so to surrender into Love is all that is required of us at this point. Conception stages are never easy, because to feel so “blank” might cause stress and a sense of overwhelm, while our minds will try to overcompensate for that which is dissolving. But there is simply no need, for the Way forward is always perfectly revealed to us in Divine timing.

To Be a Human embodiment of Grace means to have full Faith, no matter how things appear to be on the outside, as it’s the outside that always follows the inside. Yes, we are entering into a new season of the Soul, but in order for us to truly feel it and experience full on participation, we have to vibrationally align with it. We have to allow ourselves to be carried into it without our control, we have to learn to enjoy without a sense of duties and false obligations, so that only that of the Soul remains. We have to trust our Soul and we need to know how to have fun, dance and laugh. The old ways and experiences are no longer there, and they are not who we are, for they were merely stepping stones. But we are who we are only here in the Now, awaiting to receive this Divine blessing of a new Life season. We can walk or plunge into it, but either way it shall come as we ready ourselves!

We are being called to become ambassadors for physical Ascension, which means to embody the alignment of purity in how we are in all ways, from word of mouth to action time! A true ambassador fully represents their cause on all levels, becoming the living embodiment of it!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn