Welcome to 5D, and how to stay there.

We have noticed that as you go through your day that you are fluctuating between 4d and 5d.

You may not notice it, but you will be able to tell by your emotions.

Everything feels fine for a moment, and then a thought will enter your mind and you feel fear, confusion, or anxiety.

This is a very special and critical time. You are experiencing a tremendous cosmic upgrade.

Those who are ultra-sensitive can be experiencing tremendous anguish.

If you are picking up the energy of others in turmoil, this can cause great confusion in our energy fields.

Right now you need to be selfish.

You cannot help anyone unless you help yourself first.

The Wayshowers, Lightworkers, and Starseeds are feeling this energetic blast first.

This is your test n learning how to stay in 5d for longer periods of time.

This is extremely vital for you!

Tune yourself to the trees, the sun, Mother Earth.

Allow yourself to feel deep, deep peace.

Allow yourself to breathe in the fragrance of gratitude.

Let images of your beautiful new world emerge into your consciousness.

As you are doing this exercise, your experiencing how your 5-d world feels.

At that time, take another deep breath and resume where you left off earlier.

Let that deep breath remind you of the blissful feelings of the higher energies.

You are building a foundation for your own stability.

As you become more aware of the differences of 4d and 5d, it will become easier to reach the higher states.

It is vital that you learn to develop stability during these times of intense cosmic influx.

As your bodies integrate these energies, more and more are absorbed, so you need to continue the process just to keep yourself grounded and stable.

This will help tremendously to keep you calmer and fully functioning in your daily life.

You must drink lots of water to help your body to integrate the crystalline cellular structures.

This keeps you from having too much down time and allows you to be helped during your sleep.
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Published on Aug 18, 2013

Welcome to 5d. How to stay there.
song: Avalon
by: The Orchard Music