Meditation: Overcoming Procrastination (Sarah Hall)

This is a meditation for healing fear and delay related to fulfilling your divine life’s purpose. Often we experience the biggest fear in our lives when it comes to pursuing our most passionate dreams. The ego always protests the loudest when it is being pushed out. And serving your calling in life is certainly an accomplishment that empowers us with love, thus diminishing fear and ego. So it is a common experience that the things that matter the most to you can sometimes be your challenges.

And while overcoming your fears may not mean conquering the ego indefinitely, for even the most successful or enlightened people can still be faced with fear, it is still an accomplishment that makes for immense personal progress. The one thing that successful or highly impactful people have in common is that they feel the fear, but they follow their path anyway. This meditation paves the way for you to do just that.

The Angels want you to know that you can take back your power now. And by the art of extreme self-love you can release old blocks so that if fear pops up again, you’ll know how to lovingly coach it into silence.

In this particular context, the ego we refer to is simply fear, or the illusion of being separate from god and it therefore being possible to be alone, to lack, or to come to some form of harm. But of course, in spiritual truth, it is not possible to be separate from God, and therefore all illusions of separation, lack or harm are simply illusions. Of course, we know that in living a human life, those illusions can often be quite convincing. That is why following a spiritual path is rich with so many blessings. It is our constant practice and reminder that it is impossible to be anything but safe, on track, loved, provided for and complete. And when we hold that truth in our consciousness that is precisely the human experience we attract and create in our lives. And uplifting yourself on your spiritual path will always lead you to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

So when the ego tries to put up blockades against your completing your mission in the form of negative self talk, comparing yourself to others, distractions, or even addictions to foods or substances, take a step back, breathe, and reconnect with your spirituality. Call on the Angels to lift away fear and get you back on track.

This meditation is a tool to help you navigate through storms. When you’re feeling small, fearful, or find yourself lacking the inspiration you need to act, this meditation is your rescue.

In this meditation we work with four powerful Archangels: Michael, Metratron, Uriel, and Gabriel.

Archangel Michael: He who is like God. The overseer of light-workers’ life purposes. The protecting Angel who vanquishes all fear.

Archangel Uriel: The Light of God. The Angel of enlightenment, intelligence, and higher consciousness.

Archangel Metatron: The Angel of presence, organization, spiritual understanding, and sacred geometry.

Archangel Gabriel: The messenger Angel of communication, overseeing all facets of communication including the arts, writing, journalism, and important social aspects of life.

Together these Angels make a powerful heavenly team in coaching every aspect of uplifting you to accomplish your dreams. Keep these Angels close, and keep dreaming and forging onward, dear light-worker.

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Published Dec 29, 2013