Losing yourself to darkness: Why you must confront your shadow (Belinda Davidson)

From Belinda Davidson, Modern Mystic
July 19, 2016

I was deeply affected by what happened in Nice, France, last week.

I know atrocities take place all over the world all the time, but this attack chilled me. Actually, I’d felt it before I heard about it – the night before I kept waking feeling like I was covered in a cloud of heavy depression and darkness.

The next morning I struggled to get out of bed…. It felt like something terrible had happened…

As soon as I heard that a lorry driver had ploughed through the crowd at the Bastille Day celebrations, killing 85 people, I began sending white light and astral support. I also began to pray. Not only for all the people affected by the attack but for all people of the world.

I kept thinking: What has this world come to? Why so much darkness, so much suffering?

I also cried a lot.

I don’t know how to stop hatred, violence and suffering on the planet but I do believe that if we face our own inner shadows and darknesses we are much more able to spread light and peace. Today I’m sharing with you a blog from the archives that deals with this.

(Although it was written almost three-years ago, I think it’s more relevant today than ever).


Wishing you and light-filled week and see you in-spirit at 9pm your time on Monday eve,

In White Light + Love,