Do you know your Spirit Guides? (Dakota Walker)

Deepening with Your Spirit Guides

Your SpiritĀ Guides are waiting for you!

I am asked this question often, how do I connect with my Spirit Guides? And also, who are my SpiritĀ Guides?

Here is a quick answer to those questions:

There are 3 types of spirits …. helping spirits, spirit guides, and power animals. Helping spirits come and go depending on what we need help with and can be ancestors, people we have known in this life who have passed, animals, even angels, ascended masters, etc. Sometimes, not often, though, it can even be the higher self of someone who is living currently.

Helping spirits can also be called upon so you can specifically ask for a spirit to help you with something and you can either name that spirit (i.e. Albert Einstein, Van Gogh, Jesus, whoever) or you can ask for any spirit who can help you with X,Y,Z. Not all helping spirits have had a human incarnation. For example, ascended masters and angels have never incarnated.

Spirit Guides are a set of guides who contracted to be with us throughout this lifetime to guide and assist ONLY us. So my spirit guides will not be guides to anyone else but me. They begin their journey usually even before we incarnate – we (meaning me and my guides, you and your guides) all make a contract that says something to the effect, this is what I want to learn in this human experience, and the guides agree to assist you in that. Many times you will have at least one or two guides who you have been with multiple lifetimes and you have even served as their guide during some of their incarnations. It’s a true team. All spirit guides have had a human incarnation, they have to have the understanding of what the human experience is like in order to help us. So unless we make a gregarious change of course in our life that is completely unexpected and it requires new guides to come in and take over, we will have the same guides our entire lifetime. Some may come forward or recede in different times of our life depending on what we are going through. one of my guides helps me specifically with holistic healing, when I began working less and less in doing the Holographic Health, she receded and one of my other guides came forward more to help me with the next “project” I was working on.

Power animals can change depending on what is going on in our lives but not uncommon to have a power animal who is with you an entire lifetime. I have one power animal who has been with me for as long as can remember. Other animals that come and go are helping spirits.

I hope that helps you in some way, I have a complimentary meditation on our website to help you deepen that relationship to your Spirit Guides. You can check it out below!