Death of Jo Cox, British Member of Parliament and Pro-EU-Campaigner (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions
July 13, 2016

Q. Hi Lynn, may I suggest that you do a reading on the murder of British member of parliament and pro-EU-campaigner Jo Cox, who died Thursday this week.

Just before it happened she was heading for the library on Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire to attend to an advice surgery (a kind of meeting where people can ask their representatives questions). Just outside the library she supposedly saw two men arguing and tried to intervene. One of the men shot her three times, once was in the head, and then stabbed her repeatedly. Other witnesses have come forward saying they didn’t hear a gunshot, so this may be false, though.

Labour PM Marla Eagle tweeted that she heard the assailant shouting “Britain First”, a statement she later took back.

A 52 year old man named Thomas Mair with mental health issues was arrested by police. He is described as a loner, who has volunteered to tend to people’s gardens. Media is trying to tie him to national socialism and right wing politics, e.g. the right wing party Britain First, by citing claims that “Britain First” was being shouted during the assault.

Jo Cox’s birthday was right before the EU referendum (on whether to leave or stay in the EU). Many say it may trigger sympathy votes in favor of staying in EU, since this was her stance. If UK leaves the EU, it may ultimately lead to the collapse of the EU.

There are several interesting relationships concerning the date of her death, which has been pointed out:


Is Thomas Mair really responsible for the attack?
Who did it and why?
Was Jo Cox’s husband in on it, did he know beforehand?

A. I get that she was being stalked, and when the time was right her life was taken.  If it would not have happened this way, I get it would have happened another. People in powerful places wanted the UK to leave the EU, and those people wanted to stop any opposing votes. I don’t see it as someone on her side using her as a sacrifice, but rather an opposing force getting rid of obstacles or people outspoken with opposite views.

Thomas Mair feels like a patsy in all this.  A mentally challenged person was manipulated to “think” they did it, when they really didn’t.  I see this man as highly influenced depending on his surroundings, and he provided a good scapegoat. This looks to have carried out by a rogue special military force (looks like an emblem of a coiled snake represents them) disguised as average citizens that followed this woman to various events to look for an opportunity.

I also do not see her husband as being involved.  I see there being a lot of doubt against him, but I cannot see that he had anything to do with the planning and execution of this terrible crime.

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