Channeling Your Soul, a Universal Language (The Moore Show & Linda Lee)

Featuring Linda Lee

So interesting to hear how she discovered her gifts + much more!
Published July 17, 2016

Days following the events of September 11, 2001, Linda Lee Hack experienced something unexplainable. She felt an overwhelming, involuntary urge to pick up a pencil and draw. Linda’s images were not formed in her own mind, but by her hand, seemingly guided by an external influence.Linda now channels the Light Language which comes from LOVE and enters into the soul of the person to whom it is directed and inspires the release of Love within that person. Love can never hurt. Love is not to be feared. It can be healing and will be the foundation of the New Earth.More often than not a loved one who has passed or someone else will come in when the Light Language stops, to say hello and often give you help or encouragement in your life’s path.

Coast to Coast AM 2016

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Guest: Linda Lee Hack


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