Brexit: Russia & Putin Involved? (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions
July 12, 2016

Q. Such a fundamental world event as Brexit deserves your reading! No doubt that somebody was behind it. Was it done by Russia (Putin) in respond to European sanctions against Russia? It seems less likely that it was prepared by US. What overall effect Brexit will have for Europe and the whole world politically and economically? Is this step to the light or back to the darkness?

A. Brexit is huge, and I see some unintended consequences happening as a result.

I get that the concern started to arise because the economy of Europe feels unstable.  Employment feels very challenged right now.  With the influx of refugees, I see that a destabilization is going to occur (if it hasn’t already) and Europe in general will have to struggle with this issue.  There are too many people and not enough jobs and resources to be comfortable.  This then results in areas where crime will really escalate because they have no money and no where to go. On top of that I see inflation being a problem because they continue to print money with nothing there to back it.

Britain saw this emerging and wanted to disengage from it.  Europe wanted to keep (Britain) them to help add stability, but Britain basically could see this unfolding and wanted out.  I also see that Britain felt it had a duty to the monarchy to insulate them from the EU and protect their assets (they somehow felt tied prior to Brexit).  I see that the monarchy was the real influence to get this accomplished.   I also get there is tons of gold in Britain, making them vulnerable in the event of another financial crisis (sort of like a variation of Cypress) and wants nothing to do with it, and that was the real driving force of this division.

Now that Britain is out, they can work on making sure their economy is solid.  I also see as other countries fail (because this is really a no-win situation for them), powerful countries will go in and basically buy them up.  It is like a two-fold plan to cause a destabilization, and then go in to save the day, and in the end you end up owning them.

Now that Britain has made their exit, I see other countries/ states following suit too.  The image that is really strong is Texas breaking away and claiming independence.  Other places look to use Brexit as a precedence for future plans.

Q. Could you do a reading on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in the UK? Jeremy is a Sanders type character, but because the PTB do not want him, his party is trying to oust him.

A. I do see this as being true.  Everything he says is against what the PTW want.  He raises questions and has some socialist ideals that prevent the PTW from manipulating the people which translates to money out of their pocket.  Something about him feels like they cannot quiet him, but they can discredit him to the point that people won’t listen (this has a very strategic feel to it like a lot of planning when into how to force him to lose momentum and support)..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,