Black Chemtrails (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions
July 18, 2016

Q. Lynn, the following freaks me out in an uneasy way. I have seen the black chemtrails where I live (Nevada)! What are they??!!

What Are Black Chemtrails?
(You need watch only 1 1/2 minutes of the video since he, then, goes on to other areas concerning false flags, and he’s pretty melodramatic.)

I’m so freaked out….are the trails a beam?

A.  When I tune into this, I don’t see this as a beam, but I hear that this is an experimental test.  What I get is that the dark chemtrails mix with the lighter ones, and create a chemical reaction in the air.  They (the government) is trying to find an even more effective way of controlling weather (in preparation for future military confrontations).  I hear there is a very specific half-life of the dark chemicals, and the concoction cannot be premixed because the “effective time” runs out too fast, and it requires the following lighter trailed chemicals to complete the reaction.

In areas where they are testing, I would expect to see really radical weather.  Specifically, I get that it will feel extremely hot (and something feels strange, such as it may say 80 degrees on a thermometer, but it “feels” MUCH hotter than that).  Then it comes to me that what happens is the “air temperature” in reality may read 80, but our inner body temperature reacts to the chemicals creating our body’s response to “feel” much hotter (like it really is 90).  This is very taxing on our body, and I get we need to listen to our bodies and how they are reacting to the weather.  Everyone may have a slightly different reaction depending on their exposure and sensitivity.  It is always important to drink lots of water, and detox as much as possible.

And that is all I have on this.  Thank you.  Love and light-