Irish Haloes, ET Skull, Crop Circles, Space War (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions
July 22, 2016

Image #1: The Cambodian Stegosaurus?
This wee beastie appears on a creepy Cambodian temple. Is this highlighting some other animal, or is it really showing a stegosaurus?
What Lynn Saw

“I’m getting that this temple is reflecting a lot of history. It’s trying to tell a story here, but… it doesn’t feel completely pure. The temple has this dark feel to it. Feels creepy, like sacrifices where done there or something. As for the animal, my first thought is that it’s a Rhino. [Are those things on its back just artistic decoration?] I think they were added like a decoration after the fact.”

Image #2: Irish Haloes

These haloes are unusual. Anything going on here?
What Lynn Saw
“First thing… I’m drawn to the whiteness of the sun. Our sun is evolving and changing, it burns hotter now, more intensified, more potent. As for the halo, it has something to do with the photographer’s lens, either intentionally or unintentionally. It’s not natural. [Do you see the sun getting back to its regular yellow hue soon?] I don’t see the sun going back, just getting hotter, whiter and worse. I fear one day we won’t be able to go outside, but that is several hundred years from now. [Can you see why the sun is getting hotter? Is it the region of space we’ve entered, or a new kind of solar cycle? Has this happened before?] I get it is her life cycle. Other stars have done this.”


Image #3: UK July 2016 Cropcircles

The one at top is from 7/11, the one below from 7/16. (There were other cropcircles, but they looked like fakes.) These two, however, look like they’re telling us something (provided they’re real). What’s their message and who’s giving it?
What Lynn Saw
“It’s showing me how the earth is changing in relation to the sun. The top one is talking about the sun and the earth. Then the earth is in alignment with the sun. Something big is going to happen at that point. They’re not warning us, it’s more of a communication. These ETs are incredibly frustrated with lack of communication with us, and this is a way of saying, “We’re up here.” [Are the crop circles mostly done by those blue ETs on the moon? And can they sense when you’re “scanning” them?] “I feel they can sense it, yes. Sometimes I see their face and they respond mentally with facial expressions. I do feel these moon ETs are the most vested in coming here, and they stay VERY close. [Are the moon ETs who did this positive?] Some on the moon are good and others bad, but positive ones did this, the ones who care and are fighting for us.”


Image #4: The “Order of Pegasus” Skull

Danish workers on Sealand Island were digging a new sewer system when they found this skull, which the U. of Copenhagen has determined to be about 800 years old. Is this an ET skull?
What Lynn Saw
“Yes, this is an ET skull. Looks like a typical gray, but that canine tooth is throwing me; most of them didn’t have this tooth. Their skin has a cobalt blue undertone to it. Interesting, they have 3 or 5 tentacular flaps of skin like “dreads” at the back of their head, that swing when they walk. I’m getting that people captured this one, as they felt threatened by it. I see ropes around it. He died in captivity. The people were scared of this being. When he came down, the other ETs escaped and left but this one was captured.” [What color were the ET’s eyes? And were the people scared for a reason, or for no reason?] “I see the eyes as black, but unusual too, like an iridescent film, almost like how oil will shine in a puddle. They had a sheen to the black like that. The people were scared of the ET’s powers (looks like they were telekinetic) and they captured him because of that.”
There’s more on this from UFOSightingsDaily, taken from another’s video:
The island they found the skull on actually has some lore behind it. It is the legendary home of the secretive Order of Pegasus Light, an alleged secret society of poets, sworn to protect a group of unbreakable alien artifacts… and an alien skull… allegedly left behind by extraterrestrial visitors from the constellation Pegasus. The Order of Pegasus Light was formed in the 1300’s and has had some of history’s most influential writers as it’s members, including William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, H.G. Wells, and Ambrose Bierce. In centuries past, the elusive Pegasus skull has been witnessed in Europe’s Balkan Mountains, Paris France, and Munich Germany, before being transferred to Sealand Denmark.

Image #5: Recent SDO Activity

This image is showing multiple contacts getting in-between the sun and the SDO satellite. More evidence of the Space War going on? That’s a lot of ships.
What Lynn Saw
“Space War. I get that these beings are impatiently waiting for Disclosure. It doesn’t feel malicious toward us, but they’re battling over who gets to come here to be on this planet. The earth has a wealth of resources. Alas, some ETs see the people as a resource, some the minerals. The positive ETs are fighting off the negative ones. The good ETs are trying to reset the balance that was lost when they let the reptilians come in.” [How many different civilizations are fighting? Are the positive ETs still winning?] “There looks to be around four main races active in this: two good, one neutral and one negative. Everything feels guarded and protected right now (almost like if you are here you are here, but getting here is sort of on lockdown). They must have a Trump wall building adviser on the board (that was supposed to be a joke). LOL.”

And finally, as I was writing this up, I saw this crop circle that just appeared in the UK:

And that, as they say, is that. Join us Friday-after-next for episode #38!