Are you suffering from JESUS GUILT?

Are you suffering from JESUS GUILT??
Many suffer from this strange sensation I call JESUS Guilt. When people begin to suspect that something isn’t quite right with their life long beliefs, but are simply afraid to address it.

Published on Jun 23, 2016

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Gano Grills is a WORLD CLASS Spiritual Advisor and Teacher to many who are seeking enlightenment as well as the Teachers who guide others. The CREATOR of all is and endless enigma that no one person has all the answers to. Yet we strive to reach a better World for our descendants and bliss for ourselves.

The next DivineWorld seminar will be the weekend of August 14Th,2016 in Los Angeles,California..

All through the ages, there have been many teachers sent to awaken the children of the Gods and Angels from their slumber.
Some of these teachers where actually Gods in human form.

The prophecy of the 144,000 is being fulfilled through the GALIGHTICUS.
Mother Earth will succeed in her ascension, even if it means the living forms of Earth must die. This has happened 4 times already.

Be many of the few chosen to reach Ascension.
4+4+4+4+4=20 4+4+4+4=16 will be the year of the Angelic power.
It will assist people waking up from this illusion, if they choose to have the courage to do so. In this seminar I will be giving rare spiritual endowments through touch and divine utterance. The power will come directly from the Celestial Kingdom, for all who wish to receive it. It will be a divine blessing from the Creator of all.
The information that will be shared may challenge what you thought was real. There will also be unique modalities, as well as enchanted statues that house rare powerful forces. These items will be available only at the seminar. This will also be a fresh start and a great way to start off your year and leave the old programs of fear, chaos, and lastly the spirit of lack, behind once and for all. Step into the realm of Galighticus empowerment expansion and enlightenment.