Orlando: Tragedy to Love (Dakota Walker)

Check out the deer!!

When we experience tragedies such as the Orlando shootings, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino and the countless other tragedies – we have a choice in how we respond, or don’t respond. We can choose to speak our truth, walk in love and support, and allow the tragedy to erase the lines that separate us or we can choose to ignore the issues, and hope it gets better. Dakota speaks from the heart during this video blog, offering a glimpse of her personal life in response to the Orlando shootings.

In these tragic times, we find people who rise up above the lines that separate us and we become humanity, united, and supporting one another through the grief once more. This meditation offers a moment of time to gather up the love and healing energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky to offer and surround those directly involved in the tragedy as well as humanity as a whole. This, unfortunately, is a guided meditation that will be timeless until we live in a world that allows love to prevail.

Published on Jun 25, 2016

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