You Are Not A Victim (Veronica)

“The soul is a free flowing energy that wishes to evolve itself to attain love, experience, and growth…

You Are Not A Victim

“The soul is a free flowing energy that wishes to evolve itself to attain love, experience, and growth.  Interacting in various interdimensional moments allows for better understanding of perspective while creating relationships with others like themselves.  It also allows for interaction with those who are very unlike themselves.

It is a contrast that can often become extremely unbalanced as one maneuvers through life.  In the case of a physical environment, the denseness can become oppressive due to the thickness of energy associated with the reality.

Many well intentioned soulful energies can become tangled up in it all until they feel like a hostage.  It can be confusing, as you don’t recall exactly how you got there.

The great desire for liberation becomes intense, while looking for the exist from a dense negative experience.

The lesson of growth then becomes a lesson about escape.  Freedom from all the nonsense that simply feels horrible.  Somewhere in there is the original intention of growth.  The tangled web obliterates the growth a one seeks to disengage.

Many move from one episode to another while seeking freedom.  The look to all in the group for permission to exit.  Unfortunately they usually circle around the dilemma only to find themselves exactly where they started.

Frustrating…. yes.

It is important in any situation to realize that permission to exit is granted only by you.  A web of negativity has not ability to free you.  A web will only wish to entangle your energy even more.

We say stop all movement of escape and decide to see clearly what the lesson is.  Focusing on escape is a circular non-productive moment.

The lesson was the driving force to begin with.  The lesson and learning it most likely is the only way to liberate your soul.

Stop all fascination with the tangled web.  Mostly it is so intricate that you will not be able to untangle it.  Decide to look into why it began and what you an learn from it.

A free moment can only occur when you decide to do it.  You are not a victim.  You are not a hostage to someone else’s drama.

Make the choice to glean the growth.  Assimilate whatever love may be available and move on.

Life and its experiences should liberate your soul.

Returning to that freedom will feel good.”