Honi B describes her Afterlife Experience.

If you can’t spare 34 minutes to have your mind blown, then fast forward to 4:59 for her first reaction to seeing her body below as she ascended. Then go to 8:00 to hear her impression of the space she entered to meet The Golden Council of 12. Did she miss her Earth family? Go to 14:20 to find out. Keep listening to hear of her miracle…

Honi B is know as “The Spiritual Goddess.”

A Planetary Ascension Healer working with Galactic Family laying down the 5th Dimensional Foundations on earth. She is an Author, Celebrity Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Angel Communicator & Reader, Red Tent Goddess Facilitator guiding you to your own Divine Light & Super Natural Power within.


Published on Jan 8, 2016
4 years ago today at 7:21pm my heart stopped and I crosse over to Spirit Side, where I was first greeted by ArchAngel Hanniel and then onto meeting the Golden Council of 12 and then beloved YESHUA (Jesus) and then was sent back to Earth to fulfill my Earth’s Mission. Here is a bit on the details that many have asked and then everything else that took place after where I am fulfilling this Planetary Assignment activating the land for the New Cities of Light.

I sit in the seat of GRATEFULNESS to be here on Earth to finish my work with all the LOVE in my heart and this work is together with MANY others who have had the calling for the transformational energy on the planet.

with the Light of Divine Love

With the Light of Love
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