Messages from Your Team June 3, 2016 (Sheelagh Maria)

June 3, 2016

Hello Gorgeous Soul!

We understand – the energy has been really productive over the last few weeks and it’s set to continue for two more, this weeks message is very straight sharing how to manifest ‘despite and because’ of where everyone else ‘is’ and what everyone else is ‘projecting’

I found that many people are sending out their fear towards those that are sensitive, it’s as if they are scared of facing what needs to change, but for ‘us lightworkers’ it can truly feel as if we are being bombarded – the secret is to retain a sense of humour and to ensure that you are giving yourself ‘enough’

Gabriel shares that you need to ensure you are looking at what’s coming up for you – and using it to your advantage, Jophiel shares that in order to manifest any ‘more’ you must have ‘enough’ and she shares her message about having ‘enough’ energy mentally physically emotionally – this makes it easier to go with the flow and to allow your ‘abundance’ to reach you as you navigate these shifts

We know that it often feels as if they’re isn’t enough time enough energy or enough money to help yourself, especially if you are multitasking roles. That’s why Midsummer Magic is bringing you the opportunity to receive magical assistance in practical ways at a fraction of the cost (see link for offerings and rates)

With magic miracles and of course much love,Sheelagh and your team


Messages from Your Team