Grace Returns to Host The Lighter Side (Jamie Butler)

Grace is one of Jamie’s Spirit Guides.

Published on Jun 20, 2016
The Lighter Side Show

JAMIE BUTLER WELLNESS EXPERT- ambassador who cultivates the potential within the mind, emotion, body and soul. Teaching others how to live in the grey, a beautiful thing.

Hey Luminiares! The Wholeness lifestyle is on the rise and I’m bringing it to the mainstream. My main goal is to take the “Woo Woo” out of the “True True” and show you all the wonderful ways Mind, Body, Emotion and Soul can be on the same page. As a Wholeness Expert (PS- made up the name because it doesn’t exist yet) my many decades of mediumship has prepared me to take on this challenge. I want you to see me as the Martha Stewart of “Wholeness” as my team and I create products, media, literature, fashion, home decor and on-line classes that will perpetuate the qualities we all need in this life…and the next. I invite you to join me. To challenge your everyday. To make it the very best it can be in every moment. In all the lives you live. We want to hear from you. Jamie is ready to talk with your audience about wholeness living. Talk Show, Podcast, radio or lecture Jamie’s Wholeness expertise will enlighten any crowd.