Goddess Freya on Courage & the Way of the Warrior (Jocelyn Joy Thomas)

Hello and what a precious gift it is to be able to speak to you. I wish to speak to you about courage. Too often people today seem not to have enough courage. Courage is not about gaining something or going somewhere or doing anything brave. Courage is about really knowing who you are and where you’re going and why you are here. Courage to explore your inner worlds, courage to walk your inner paths, the way of the warrior is one of courage but the warrior is no good to anybody if first the warrior does not know who he/she is.

Courage requires your full dedication to your path. It requires you to fully understand why you want what you want. Courage needs you to trust those that come into your life and recognize the sacredness in them. Appreciation for those in your life is something that has been lost by most people. There must be appreciation for those in your life and the gifts that they bring you. If this appreciation is not present then the ones in your life will have a hard time giving the gifts that they were meant to give you. It is as if they come to your house knock on your door but you do not answer. This is unfortunately very common today. With the old ways, there was much appreciation for others and this helped everyone to be the best they could be. People need reassurance and they need kindness, they need to feel appreciated. When these things are out of balance people go into feelings of rejection and upset. They tune out and they certainly do not deliver the best version of themselves that they can.

It takes courage to be different than everyone else. The warrior today is faced with such a dilemma how to be courageous in a world that does not support this. There is no beaten path, there is no one to follow. You must strike this path alone and you must follow it through your inner guidance and wisdom. Then and only then will you understand what it means to be fully in the essence of courage and to walk it. To deliberately breathe it, the warrior knows these things well and many of you have been such a warrior before in the past. It is this time that you are called to awaken the warrior within and to fully embrace courage in a new way. The ways of the past have led humanity to drift, much has been lost, if you look to the ways of old, the ancient days there you will find much wisdom. There you will find paths that lead you back to the way life was meant to be lived.

I am the goddess Freya and in my light you will find your way if you wish to follow.

Translated by Jocelyn Joy Thomas
June 20, 2016