What is going on in the world? Orlando, G4S… (Focus Sessions)

From Lynn @ Focus Sessions

What is going on in the world? Orlando, G4S and a casting call for Crisis Actors..

Q. I have to ask….The Orlando Shooting. Real? Fake? False Flag? Did anyone actually die? I have heard reports that a survivor at the nightclub is saying that the exits were blocked. Also, it is said that the shooter worked for G4S…. the private company bringing in all of the refugee illegals. Transcripts from police radios were allegedly wiped clean.  Is any of that true?  I hate to be such a skeptic with these, but I have been burned in the past just blindly believing these without verifying and looking for the truth.  As always, I appreciate your insights…

A. I get this was a combo of real people and also planted crisis actors.  There were a handful of people that did get injured and also lost their life, but the majority were actors.  They knew after Sandy Hook and other events they had to have a true loss of life because the internet is too powerful and holes would get poked in the story. Everything gets analyzed online, so there had to be some true injuries.

I get that the LGBT community was attacked on purpose because the underlying thing of a false flag is to evoke an emotion to pass an agenda.  People that are processing emotion are more vulnerable to act to create change.  Races have been attacked, children have been attacked, cultures have been stereotyped and now a new group has been hit to draw people out. The goal is to continue to divide us rather than allow us to unite and become strong.

Ultimately, I see this as an elaborate plan to try to get the gun control agenda passed.  The government is working on a way to tax guns and / or ammo.  There is a huge revenue earning plan in the works under the guise of protecting the people.  It is also a way to separate the rich from the poor in regards to who can afford to legally own guns and protect themselves.  The unintended consequence I see further creates a divide between the (what I hear) “have and have-nots.”

With regard to G4S, that didn’t come through.  I get there is a federal group (some off branch of the CIA) that backed this.  I also heard that this group is also affiliated with a Super PACK that is funding Hillary.  I hear if you trace the money to the source you will have your answer.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Who runs G4S? I won’t give you any more information than that, because I do not want your thinking processes clouding your intuition. And, how do we get rid of the veil that keeps most people at the level of highly functioning cattle, that will stand in a crowded room with one man, or a few, and a couple of weapons, waiting to die like cows in a feed lot?  Thank you.

A. I heard the phrase “the primary shareholder of G4S is Israel” and then something sounded to laugh.  Other countries are involved and have a voice, but Israel’s voice looks to be the loudest.

To answer the second part of your question, people look to be in shock when an attack happens, and they freeze and don’t know how to react.  Most people don’t expect something like that to ever happen, and don’t allow their instinct to come though.  We have been trained by the media to act like sheep, and don’t react, or you too may end up shot or arrested and have to plead innocence due to self-protection.  Even though being a good Samaritan can be personally rewarding, many of those people are put through a long line of questioning and we live in a very litigious society.

If people allowed survival instinct to kick in and set fears aside, many of these false flags could never happen. (Like when people used instinct and shot down Flight 93, saving many people that the plane intended to hit).

Q.  It appears that there are people soliciting for several crisis actors for upcoming “drills.”  What is really going on?  This seems very suspect.
https://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/craigslist-crisis-actors-wanted-in-vermont/ http://www.infowars.com/crisis-actors-sought-for-military-drill-in-bernie-hometown-during-dnc/

A. I have felt that we are on the verge of some big false flags.  I get they will be tied to the RNC and DNC. The PTW want to make sure Hillary makes it into office, so they will do what they can to make her look like a hero to sway the emotional vote. I see these false flags tied to guns, violence and creating a feeling that we aren’t safe and need protection. Be cautious, safe and if you feel uneasy, trust your intuition!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-