Cosmic Empathy: From Empathy to Self Mastery (Ascension Pioneers)

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

So many Ascension Pioneers were ascribing to the label of being an empath, which often denotes feeling the feelings of others and the world almost as if they were our own! There is a huge breakthrough and new beginning happening around that, because we are Now becoming more evolved, embracing our role as a Cosmic empath, which does not need to heal others or become immersed in their feelings to the point of associating with their choices and path! The higher we rise in our awareness, the more we realize that our only role as a Master of the Self is to live our own choices and responsibilities. Compassion for All Life is a higher octave than empathy. So many precious beings were taking on responsibilities of others, thinking that they can heal the world this way! But this actually supports the laziness and non action of those that continue to stumble and use excuses not to expand and evolve! We are here to show the Way and be conscious ambassadors without taking on the things that are not ours in the first place.

As a Cosmic empath, we are Now learning to stay present in our own Vortex, radiating with compassionate awareness and acceptance, without interfering in the lives of others! Yes, we are here for those who are still choosing whether to shift or not, but it should not come at our own expense! We are Now feeling more free from those “roles” and wish to claim our amazing service to the world without a sense of false sacrifice! Just being who we truly are is enough! We are getting clear new directives and ideas in that direction, and we are truly magnetizing and seeding life with our presence! That creates such miracles, and we ourselves are the biggest Miracle for being able to hold the capacity for such Light of Truth, no more feeding illusion and delusion! We create such powerful Self foundations with that!

Published on Jun 18, 2016