Could My Anxiety Actually Be A Sign Of Psychic Gifts Or Mediumship Abilities?

Could My Anxiety Actually Be A Sign Of Psychic Gifts Or Mediumship Abilities?

By Amanda Linette Meder

For years, I suffered with sudden anxiety coming from out of nowhere and hitting me out of left field and I’m not the only one.

Lot of intuitives experience anxiety attacks.

Theresa Caputo has discussed it on the Dr. Oz show.

Sarah Petruno, a shaman, has written about it on her blog.

When I was younger and Spirits would visit me, I’d paced around, I’ll get so worked up I’m unable to calm down, and I even start hyperventilating in the worst of cases.

While I am a natural worrier, this. . . is different.

This was a type of anxiety-like wave that would just hit me.

Before I was a professional medium, I’d visited a multitude of doctors, taken a variety of anti-anxiety medications, and even gone to sleep specializes…all to try to control it.

And nothing would really, fully work. . .until I discovered it wasn’t regular anxiety at all.

It was Spirits.

You see, mediums tend have a way in which we sense when a Spirit is around.

For me, and for many mediums, Spirit Anxiety feels a lot like sudden onset anxiety – and it can lead many mediums to see their gifts as a psychological disorder, and not part of a greater gift.

Spirit anxiety is caused by the psychic gift of clairsentience.

Meaning, your anxiety could be a sign of incoming psychic abilities and/or hidden mediumship gifts, and not a sign of a psychological disorder at all.

When a Spirit is trying to link their energy with yours, as a sensitive, you can feel it.

As an entirely energetic being, without the weight and density of a physical body, those in Spirit are naturally higher in vibrational energy than us humans. Thus, when a Spirit connects with you, your energy must raise up and become higher – more akin to your Spiritual counterparts. Many mediums strive to raise their energy on purpose and with intent, but if a Spirit really wants to talk to you, they will gladly do it for you.

Much like a sensitive piece of laboratory equipment, may be accidentally reading and picking up on errant signal from the Spirit World, and not, have an internal condition after all.


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Amanda Linette Meder