The Medical Medium’s New Book: Life-Changing Foods

Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables

The Medium Medium, Anthony Williams, has written his second book, to be released Nov 20th.
Despite advancements of modern medicine and technology, we are not getting healthier. We are getting sicker with more chronic illness, and each generation is worse than the one before. The same downward trend is happening to our world. Planet Earth is also getting sicker, and our natural resources are more polluted and limited than ever before in history.

We are at a point where we must know how to protect ourselves and the ones we love now and in the future. Our survival is reliant on it. That’s why I wrote my new book Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables. There’s never been a more critical time to release this information from Spirit.

Life-Changing Foods is not your regular fruits and vegetables book, or even a regular health book. It’s a symptoms and chronic illness survival guide that will help you protect the health of you and your family in the challenging times we live in. Don’t expect to hear the same repeated information that can be found everywhere else, such as that oranges contain vitamin C or bananas contain potassium. Instead you can expect completely new information that will leave you with a deep understanding of some of the most powerful and easily available weapons to arm yourself with – fruits and vegetables.

Life-Changing Foods delves deep into the healing powers of 50 foods—fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and wild foods—explaining each food’s properties, the symptoms and conditions it can help relieve or heal, and the emotional and spiritual benefits it brings. For each food, I offer you a delicious recipe to help you get the food’s maximum benefit, from sweet potatoes with braised cabbage stuffing to honey-coconut ice cream and chewy apricot bars. Each recipe has gorgeous color photography that showcases its vibrant appeal.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover:

  • Why wild blueberries are the “resurrection food,” cilantro helps bring clarity, and lemons can lift your spirits when you’ve had bad news.
  • The best foods to eat if you have gallstones, hypertension, brain fog, thyroid issues, or back pain – plus literally hundreds more symptoms and conditions.
  • The particular healing powers of kiwis, cucumbers, cat’s claw, coconut, and much more.

I also arm you with the truth about some of the most misunderstood topics in health: fertility; inflammation and autoimmune disorders; the brain-gut connection; foods, fads, and trends that can harm our well-being; and how angels play a role in our survival. You’ll also learn a powerful set of tools for healing from illness and keeping yourself and your loved ones well in this increasingly toxic world. This is new information I am bringing to you for the first time.

medicalmediumbookLast year when I released my first book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, it was out of stock multiple times for long periods, and people were very frustrated they couldn’t get their hands on the book when they wanted to. I was also frustrated that so many people who are unwell had to wait for answers! Because of the huge need for this information, Life-Changing Foods will also go out of stock. So if you’re waiting to order the book at a later date, it might be best to secure a copy now. Please know I don’t want anyone to have to wait and be disappointed. I want you to have this information in your hands as soon as possible. The best way to secure your copy of the book is to pre-order it, which you can do here.

This book is one of a kind. You may open it because you want to learn more about fruits or veggies, get delicious recipes, or learn some new health information, but what you’ll receive is so much more than that. Life-Changing Foods is truly a survival and wellness guide for the 21st century.P.S. Read on to below to find out how to tune in to today’s radio show on Healing Blood Sugar, Hypoglycemia & Diabetes

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Episode: Healing Blood Sugar, Hypoglycemia & Diabetes


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Blood sugar issues and diabetes have become a worldwide epidemic, and more people than ever are suffering with the literal highs and lows these conditions bring. Unfortunately, people aren’t getting better because these conditions are so misunderstood, and so too is the typical treatment. Tune in today and join Anthony to learn the truth.

When: Monday June 20th, at 5pm ET (2pm PT)
Where: Hay House Radio
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Join me every Monday on Hay House Radio as I share secrets on how to heal the body, mind and soul, and offer simple, effective solutions for restoring your health and well being.

Love and many blessings,
Anthony William

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