What’s Your Soul Archetype?

I just discovered a site that you’ll all enjoy! It’s GaiaWisdomSchool.org and there’s a great quick quiz which will immediately produce your Soul Archetype results. It’s right-on with me!

It says I’m a Soul Shaman:

soul-shamanSome people may call you quiet or shy but the truth is, you are deeply introspective, humble and reverent of all of life. You are the bridge between the earthly third dimensional being and the spirit realm of the fourth dimension. You help the rest of us see that there is something greater than what we visibly see and you bring faith to everything you do. You are very tapped into your guides, ancestors, angels and whoever else you may work with on the spiritual realm and you help to bring that energy into the world.

The Healthy and Balanced Soul Shaman

The Connected Soul
When balanced, you will feel and see the connections between you and spirit, you and others, and feel the universal flow of energy that flows through each of us. You will witness the parallels of our worlds and our woven paths.

The Journeyer
When balanced, you are able to travel to the Other worlds and experience other dimensions and time reality. Your third eye and crown chakras are opened and able to access the worlds beyond this world.

The Poet
You see life differently. Life becomes your poem and you are able to experience the hardships and joys as a part of the overall whole – there is no separation and all of it is beautiful and complete.

The Awakened
In an awakened state you see the world differently. You begin seeing the layers, the intricacies, the wholeness of all that is. Life doesn’t seem so black and white, it has color and texture and somehow it all blends together harmoniously.

The Spiritual
All of life is spiritual, it isn’t just compartmentalized into a section of your life but rather it becomes a part of your every waking moment. It fuels you and who you are, who you are becoming. It is your foundation

The Introspective
With a balanced North energy you regularly take time out to go within, to recharge, and reconnect. You listen to your own inner guidance and seek counsel with your Spirit Guides, not outside yourself. You apply the lessons as you are meant to.

Other Famous Soul Shamans
Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Osho, Pope John Paul, NEal Donald Walsh, Doreen Virtue, Thomas Moore, James Van Praagh

The Shadow Side of Soul Shaman
If allowed to lurk in the dark recesses of the soul, the shadow side of the Soul Shaman can turn out to be quite dark. They can either become atheists or swing the pendulum the other way and become “light polarized” where they are unable to function in the third dimension and have an inability to be grounded. If left too long in the shadows, Soul Shamans can recede internally so much they become despondent (worse case scenario) or unable to have healthy relationships because of their extreme independence.

Find Balance
Balance the qualities of your Soul Archetype through a Shamanic Soul Coaching Session with Dakota.

What were your results?

What is Your Soul Archetype™?