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Video Presentation Highlights

Wayne Dyer: Wishes Fulfilled movies_0001_Wishes Fulfilled DVD_CMYK.jpg-1461596753
Dr. Wayne Dyer presents the five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations: these are the five steps necessary for fulfilling your deepest desires. Dr. Dyer demonstrates how to master each step so that you can achieve an extraordinary life! You will learn how to use Imagination, Living from the End, Assuming the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled, Attention, and the Last Five Minutes of Each Day to attract what you most want into your life. The program also includes an appearance by special guest Anita Moorjani, plus a moving performance by the San Diego Children’s Choir.

Debbie Ford: The Shadow Effect features Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, James Van Praagh, and Mark Victor Hansen
Be uplifted by the power that is hidden beneath the surface of your conscious mind. Take this emotionally gripping, visually compelling journey into your mysterious shadow self—the hiding place for your most disliked thoughts, emotions, and impulses—and discover how, by embracing your worst fears, you can step into your greatest self. Be transformed by Debbie Ford, the #1 New York Times best-selling author and internationally acclaimed expert on the human shadow, as well as some of the most brilliant and evolutionary thinkers of the 21st century. Be inspired to uncover the wisdom in your wounds, the blessings in your misfortunes, and the gifts that are waiting to be claimed where you may least expect them . . . in the dark. If shadows could talk, they would tell you that there is gold to be mined in every experience.

Audio Lesson Highlights (alphabetical)

Julie Ann Cairns: Cracking the Abundance Code Cairns_Julie_Ann_Headshot.jpg-1461169393
Are you frustrated in your efforts to succeed and create abundance in your life? Are you exasperated even though you’ve set financial goals for yourself, gained knowledge, and worked hard? Are you wondering what’s standing in your way? Then look no further. Julie Ann Cairns—author and teacher with over 25 years’ experience in financial-markets investing and education—has cracked the abundance code, and she’s here to teach how you can too. In both her personal and professional life, Julie Ann witnessed the dramatic highs and lows of financial success, until she realized there’s a precise formula to abundance: It’s not desire or knowledge alone, but subconscious beliefs. For years she’s studied the specific blockages to financial success and freedom, and how seven money myths that we adopt in childhood actually hold us back from the life we most want now. In this riveting interview, Julie Ann will identify these seven barriers and teach you how to finally get out of your own way to achieve financial success. Break the code and bring more abundance into your life—for good.

Joseph Clough: How to Attract Your Goals on Autopilot Clough_Joseph_Headshot.jpg-1461169553
If you’re participating in this summit, it’s probably because something inside of you knows that you deserve more. You may already have big dreams and goals. Yet those same dreams and goals can sometimes feel heavy, overwhelming, and even exhausting. What if you could get clear on what you want and then attract your goals on autopilot? That is what hypnotherapist and coach Joseph Clough is here to teach you. He discusses the importance of taking responsibility for your dreams and deciding not to buy in to negative ideas about what you can or can’t achieve. By taking ownership of your life, you can get your power back—and both your thoughts and actions are equally important parts of this process. Joseph shares how to bring your mind and body in sync so the world conspires in your favor, and he explains how to deal with obstacles, what to do when reaching your goal is taking longer than expected, and whether or not it’s important to have a specific strategy in place. He also explains why hypnosis is a great tool for reconnecting with your body and becoming consciously and unconsciously aligned with your goals. With these tried-and-tested techniques, you really can build the life you want!

Barbara De Angelis PhD: Shifting to Our Highest Self – Now More Than Ever DeAngelis_Barbara_Headshot.jpg-1461169796
New York Times best-selling author Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., shares why now more than ever we need to shift ourselves to our highest selves. In this time of “spiritual velocity,” we can still find moments of feeling clear, connected, and expanded. Vibrationally, each of us continually affects the planet with whatever state we are in, impacting the fabric of reality. Through “integrated practical spirituality,” Barbara contends we can shift from managing our life to mastering it, enabling us not only to be sacred seekers but successful practitioners.

Karen Henson Jones: Creating a New Blueprint – The Art of Transformation Henson_Jones_Karen215x215.jpg-1461169991
Tune in as speaker, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and author Karen Henson Jones tells the harrowing story of her brush with death and subsequent spiritual awakening. Following a sudden cardiac event, Karen was revived—but she would never be the same, physically or spiritually. She explores what transformation means, how to create a new life from scratch, the importance of small changes and consistency over time, and the key lesson she learned from going through five heart surgeries. She also recounts one lesson from each country—India, Bhutan, Italy, and Israel—she visited on her spiritual journey, and explains her belief in life after death and how this belief can affect and change our lives now. In addition, she leads listeners through three “imaginal-healing” exercises: (1) a visualization for clearing any toxins; (2) one for removing wounds from the heart; and (3) one for complete regeneration across the emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

Anita Moorjani: Creating Heaven, Reaching for Love Moorjani_Anita_Headshot.jpg-1461170358
In 2006, Anita Moorjani went into a coma as her body shut down from late-stage cancer. As her family was told that her life was ending, Anita had a near-death experience; she was immersed in all-encompassing love and the realization that we are all an expression of Source—magnificent just as we are. Returning to consciousness with this awareness, she was released from the hospital completely free from cancer just a few weeks later. In this uplifting interview, Anita shares the feeling of that other plane and what she learned about the importance of loving ourselves. She gives down-to-earth, practical tips on how to stop living in fear and stress and how to reach that state of unconditional love. Find out why there’s no need to seek after holy places, and learn how to experience heaven right where you are, right now . . . and always.

John Norseman: Realize Your Dreams Norseman_John_Headshot.jpg-1461170434
Author and entrepreneur John Norseman retired from his career as a businessman and now helps others as a shaman—a practical intuitive. In this healing conversation, John shares how personal choice and the feelings in our hearts shape our paths to destiny. He explains that while we all have a destiny we will fulfill, we also have the power to choose in every moment—and not choosing is also a choice with profound impact. Discover how our hearts create the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and how we can influence who comes into our life and what happens by making specific requests of the Universe. John learned this through decades of listening to Spirit as he led companies to success and now applies this knowledge as he guides and heals individuals. Listen and discover wonderful power of the heart!

Heidi Sawyer: The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth SenseSawyer_Heidi_Headshot.jpg-1461170859
Heidi Sawyer, a natural intuitive-sensitive and author of Highly Intuitive People, is known for her ability to reveal and work with the deepest parts of the psyche. She helps other intuitive-sensitives discover who they are and how to use their unique skills. According to Heidi, a person with intuitive-sensitive abilities has “an extra sensory skill above the normal senses . . . an insight too wise to come from just experience.” In this intriguing interview, Heidi discusses the characteristics of intuitive-sensitives and the challenges they face because of their special gift. She explains the concept of the “One Point”—a place where the energy of the soul and the personality unite to work together—and she shares her own story of finding the One Point during the difficult birth of her second child. Finally, Heidi guides us on a journey from desire for knowledge to healing our doubts in a process she calls “The Soul Mastery: Seven Steps to Illumination.”

Teal Swan: Overcoming the Past: Trauma, the Shadow, and the Inner Child Swan_Teal_Headshot.jpg-1461171120
Join internationally recognized spiritual leader and influential new voice in the field of metaphysics Teal Swan for an extraordinary interview on trauma and overcoming the past. Born with a range of extrasensory abilities, Teal survived 13 years of severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of a cult member. Following her harrowing escape, she forged a path through despair and began her journey toward healing and wholeness—and developed a revolutionary process to heal past trauma, the limiting factor for all people. “All of our trauma that we’re trying to resolve,” Teal says, “is childhood trauma,” which keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. Teal discusses how triggers are “our past calling us back to find resolution,” speaks on what the shadow really is, and shares her leading-edge thoughts on forgiveness, positive focus, and inner child work—and much of what she divulges might surprise you. Prepare to be rocked, challenged, and inspired.

Doreen Virtue: How Assertiveness Can Help You To Stay Positive Virtue_Doreen_Headshot.jpg-1461171540
With so much frightening world news these days, it can be hard to stay positive and not feel overwhelmed by traumatic events, even if they aren’t happening directly to us. But Doreen Virtue—best-selling author and lifelong clairvoyant with advanced degrees in counselling psychology—is here to tell us that we have the choice of whether or not to allow such events to ruin our day. During this uplifting and empowering interview, Doreen leads listeners through an exercise to reclaim our powerfulness, helping us face our fears and move through them—an invaluable tool we can use again and again whenever we feel lonely, afraid, or sad. Doreen goes on to identify the key differences between being assertive and simply being aggressive, and also shares her personal journey of becoming more assertive and opening her heart to true forgiveness. Once these techniques are mastered, the benefits include better health, more durable relationships, and reaching your full potential in your career. Join Doreen for this restorative session today!