“I Am vs. “I Want” A direct message from Spirit (Veronica)

From VERONICA via April Crawford
May 11, 2016

“I Am vs. “I Want”

A Direct Message From Spirit

“We are often asked how to be a powerful manifester in your current time frame and culture. There are a multitude of formulas, patterns and workshops, all designed to be of service to those who wish to bring a sense of wealth into their lives.

We agree that having more is most likely a desired state. The current culture is extremely complicated with all the twists and turns of designing an ability to “live”. The mantra of “I want, I want” reverberates intensely throughout.

It is important, however, to remain stoic about outcomes. The multiple layers of your participation through different time frames and dimensions is part of your current makeup. Realize by only focusing upon your current moment, limits, your ability to “know” how to proceed.

Perhaps take more moments of investigation into your energy. Focus upon who you are, rather than what you currently want. By expanding your awareness, there is opportunity to know who you can become. The mantra “I am” is ultimately more powerful than “I want”. Embracing that energy puts you in a position of power rather than asking. By acknowledging the source within, you are allowing it to assist your in your manifestation.

Many perceive the earth plane as a field of opportunity, while others feel it is an obstacle course. By saying, feeling, and knowing the term “I am”, a lot of clutter can be released.

Ultimately uniting with source energy is the only way to go. Especially if it is your source. Decide to be “I am” rather than “I want”. You may be surprised at how abundant your reality may become.

Knowing and acknowledging your connection may be just the moment you need to become better at creating reality.

There is a patience plateau where one realizes what is most important for their growth. Trust that your core will guide you towards what is appropriate for you.

Be patient.

Be the powerful mindset of “I am”. Perhaps retire the mantra “I want”. Be the centered plateau of a patient heart. Everything manifests in the feeling of knowing all of yourself.

Do not limit yourself. Expand past your fingertips. A whole universe of abundance awaits those who center upon their full selves.

I am aware of all of myself.

I honor all the experience.

By being “I am”, there is great opportunity for the manifestations that you create. By wanting less and being more, all the loose ends will weave together.

That is a beautiful tapestry and contains all you truly “want”.


[The above is from VERONICA’s weekly “”inner Whispers” newsletter, available free at www.InnerWhispers.net. VERONICA IS A CAUSAL PLANE ENTITY that speaks and writes via a full body open deep trance channel and best selling author named April Crawford.]