Hay House’s World Summit 2016 has started ~ so many free audio/video choices!

The Hay House World Summit 2016 has started!!
The World’s Largest Health and Wellness Event

Take some time for yourself and watch or listen to whatever speaks to you. The line-up changes every 5 days.

Here’s the schedule.

Greg Frucci

Run Toward That Which Scares You jumped out at me, so I’m starting to listen to it now.
Former architect and author of Path of Three Hundred Greg Frucci has sailed solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and in this inspiring conversation he shares the insights he’s gleaned on his adventures. Greg opens up about fears, purpose, and the hero’s journey. Learn why nothing is ever truly bad, and work through questions that will allow you to identify toxicity in your life as well as what you truly desire. Listen and discover how to get in touch with your soul—the eternal, divine, light-filled part of you that can never be damaged and will never die. And in this process, find your way to freedom.

Experts: Nancy Levin, Greg Frucci
Duration: 48 minutes
Topics: Self-Empowerment


Gala Darling

I had a hard time choosing from so many varied options, but this one is going to be next:
Live Without Fear and Fall in Radical Self-Love
If you really loved yourself, what would your life look like? Find out with author, teacher, and speaker Gala Darling, who has been teaching radical self-love—a selection of powerful techniques and tools that help women transform their lives—for close to a decade. Gala explains what radical self-love is and how we incorporate it into our everyday lives. Having battled her own demons, including an eating disorder, Gala shares the advice she would have given her younger self, and why forgiveness, gratitude, and boundaries are life changing. Gala also provides a series of techniques, rituals, and practices that can help someone new to the path of self-love, manifesting, and magic making. This informative and delightful interview concludes with one of Gala’s favorite tips from her book, Radical Self-Love.

Experts: Gala Darling, Jessica Ortner
Duration: 48 minutes
Topics: Prosperity, Self-Empowerment

UPDATE: ugh. I’m not feeling the Run Toward audio at all. :/
Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but I have to move on to another… his manner kinda reminds me of a bad date that you wish would just quit talking about himself. :/
(again, maybe it’s my mood, or perhaps I need a Girl Power infusion)