Egypt Air Flight 804 (Focus Sessions)

From Focus Sessions
May 19, 2016

Q. Hi Lynn, would you eventually tell us what happened to Egypt Air flight which disappeared from radar shortly before arriving at its destination, the airport of Cairo?

A. When I tune into this I get that one of the first things that will happen is that they will blame ISIS for this tragic event.  However, I don’t see that ISIS is really the ring leader of this.  It is much bigger and complicated.

I get that France has been under scrutiny for a while (hence the Charlie Hebdo incident).  I see that France was chosen as a scapegoat because of their innocent appearance.  When a terror group is said to inflict ill will onto the country, people want to side with France and it draws support and other countries in.  I hear  a phrase that “some of the wealthiest people made their money over the spoils of war.”

I then see a chain reaction going in reverse, and it looks like the true instigator of this event was Israel. I get that Israel has a plan to evoke emotions all over the world to draw people in.  In many ways a war is appealing from a financial standpoint, and also due to the geographic location of “ISIS.”  With that region of the world weakened (and under occupation of Israeli allies), it opens up options Israel has been waiting on.

The event itself…I see a man wearing a button down striped shirt.  He had a calm exterior, but on the inside he was very nervous and chanting something in his head over and over.  He had dark, wavy hair, was around 6 feet tall, and I get that he had some kind of cologne that was too strong (the smell is so strong you can taste it if you are close enough to him).  He carried a device on the plane and it looks disguised as some kind of gift??  Then I get an image of a coffee maker.  I hear it was some kind of EMP that once deployed left the plane useless.  This man basically committed suicide in exchange for money and security for his family.

I do get this plane went down, but they aren’t looking for it in the right place.  The plane still had some slight coasting ability.  This device didn’t have a huge explosion (not sure how an EMP really works).  The force felt like a lot of pressure and a huge jolt (some eardrums even popped), but the plane still had a forward momentum before it lost altitude.  I get that if they focused their effort more to the southeast they would have better success.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please put these people and their families in your thoughts.  Don’t feed the fear, but rather focus on the light.