15 Morsels of Wisdom to Nourish Your Soul

From Laurel Bleadon-Maffei, IlluminatingSouls.com

15 Morsels of Wisdom

    1. Don’t let life to cause you to forget who you are.
    2. Because it has a tendency to do that…
    3. Your job is to believe in yourself and let goodness wash over you like summer waves of salty ocean water created by the breath of mermaids.
    4. Remember, you miss the juiciest parts if your self-reflection starts and stops with your shadow.
    5. Forgive yourself and others. Because it is not your fault you live in a time and space that focuses on drama and chaos. Remember, it’s not who you are.
    6. Your destiny is bright and is bigger than the bright reflection of the sun.
    7. Stop trying to change the unchangeable. There are things over which you have little influence except to accept what is and do your best.
    8. Stop blaming them. All “thems.” When you blame “them” you give your power away. They cannot ever drain your goodness. No matter what. Unless you let them.
    9. Invoke your inner Super Nova and allow the sweet promise of tomorrow to coax you forward. Let it whisper to you gently until the roar of your soul creates waves of pure potential that make the angels stand up and cheer, “Go Team!”
    10. Believe in brighter tomorrows. You don’t breathe as well when you stop believing.
    11. Laying down in traffic and praying you won’t get run over is never a good idea. Divine intervention can only take you so far… first you have to be willing to get the heck out of the road.
    12. Don’t worry so much. Use your creativity differently. There are so many juicier things to do with your imagination.
    13. Create in a way that delights your heart. You simply must create. Create and live.
    14. See yourself through the eyes of those who hold you dear… or through the eyes of your angels… but don’t see yourself through your eyes when your inner critic gets on a roll. Your inner critic is not to be trusted.
    15. Count your blessings then set them free so a new batch can be born tomorrow.