Afterlife Visit: Prince (Kaz Windness)

I really like this simple, sweet visit Kaz documents!

princeDearly Beloved, a Visit from Prince

I was debating whether to share this or not, when the note I had wrote about last night’s experience flew off the counter. I’m taking that as “share!”
I, like a lot of people, was (and am) really shook up by the death of Prince. I don’t typically mourn the death of a celebrity or famous musician. I feel it, but it’s not personal. Prince felt personal. He spoke to my heart, creativity, sexuality, and weirdness like few other artists ever have. For the last two weeks I’ve been listening to his music a bunch and (like I do with Bowie and MJ) would tap into his soul to say hello — but had to remind myself: Prince is not dead. Leave him alone. Why would I even think that he is dead? Well now I know why.
I heard about his passing while eating breakfast with my son at Village Inn. And I lost it. I’m not proud of it, but I did the ugly cry into my breakfast skillet. I cried all the way home, too, and I’ve been touch and go ever since. It wasn’t even like “he was too young!” or “tragedy” or anything like that — the timing felt right, like this was already in the stars, but now he’s gone from us, and that is sad right down to my bones.
Here’s a secret that a lot of people don’t know. Souls can be pretty much everywhere at once. Spirit doesn’t play by the laws of time and space, and soul energy is expansive and unlimited. I have clients tell me that they refrain from “dialing up” their loved one in the Spirit world because they don’t want to take them away from other family members or whatever that soul may be doing or learning in Heaven. I tell them, dial! Your loved ones can be with you and in the spirit world and with other people simultaneously.
I mention that here because there are several recently passed celebrities that are very active with us Earthlings (Bowie just told me to use that word) and are helping us expand into higher vibration. Believe me, if you even so much as think Robin Williams, he blasts in as large in death as he was in life. (Hi Robin!)
I knew with Prince I needed to just be with my sadness, and I didn’t want to jump in on the inevitable medium band wagon of attempting to channeling and requesting a Prince interview. Prince was private in life, and if he wanted to visit, I would certainly respect that this would be on his terms.
I know this is a long, drawn out back story, but here’s what happened last night:
I was asleep and became aware of my right hand moving. I observed the sensation for a while and became gradually more awake. The movements became more concise and the energy in my hand was intense — uncomfortable. Imagine your hand being filled with electricity to make it move, something like a robotic artificial appendage. “I’m playing the guitar,” I realized. “These are chords.” As a note, I have taken a guitar lesson, but I can tell you, these cords where complicated — WELL beyond my ability. Precise and dynamic, and I certainly wasn’t doing it.
Suddenly I was fully awake, as if someone had shaken me. I turned and looked up, and there was a fountain of sparkling silver and purple light right over my body. In my mind, I saw Prince clear as day, and even said his name out loud. I’ve never seen Spirit manifest like this, and it was as gorgeous as you might imagine.
In my heart I heard, “I’m fine — better than fine, and it’s all going to be okay.” And then he was gone.
I fell back to sleep quickly, feeling comforted and profoundly grateful.
And that’s it. I’m sharing my experience because I was told to share it, but I do hope it helps and inspires you if you are reading this now.
Our loved ones (even the famous ones) are closer than you might think. They are alive and happy and still helping us get through this thing called life.
❤ Kaz